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Monotone Music

Monotone MusicMonotone Music is a fun game to play anywhere at anytime, plus it’s about as simple as you can get. We know that you’re group will have a blast!

PREP TIME- 0-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Monotone Music PDF & Projector with YouTube Videos (optional)

GAME TIME- 10 Minutes



Before you begin, download the Monotone Music PDF and follow the simple instructions.

You will need to split your group into two teams and select someone who can read well in a perfectly monotone voice.

Select a way for participants to answer the question as individuals or a team (raise a hand, stand up, etc) and then get ready to read and play.

The team who guesses the most songs and musicians/bands, is the winner. Scoring is included in the PDF.


1. Have your reader proof read the song lyrics before and practice reading them aloud in a Monotone Voice.

2. Play a short clip of the video after the answers are given. You can also play a short audio clip as an alternative.

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Higher or Lower – Winner Take All Edition

Picture1Today’s game is Higher or Lower, the Winner Take All Edition.

PREP TIME- 20 Minutes (shopping)

ITEMS NEEDED- 10 items varying in price (none more than $10)

GAME TIME- 10 Minutes



Before you play the game, head to the store and pick up 10 items that your participants will need to guess the price of. Make sure to save the receipt or write down the prices of the items you purchase. As a general rule, I spend no more than $20 total for the game.

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Egg Roulette

Egg Roulette Tom CruiseEgg Roulette is another great game from Jimmy Fallon. While this one actually dates back to the Late Show, there is little doubt in our mind that it will soon appear on the Tonight Show as well.

PREP TIME- 20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- 1 Dozen Eggs (8 Hard Boiled, 4 Raw), Tarp, Towels

GAME TIME- 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  2 (or more)


To play Egg Roulette, you will need to first hard-boil eight eggs, leaving four raw. Lay a tarp down in the area that the game will be played and then select two lucky contestants.

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Water War

Jimmy Fallon Water WarWater Wars is pulled straight from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and has carried over to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the upcoming weeks and months, you’ll see plenty more of Fallon featured on our blog. If you’re a gamer, he has some great and very simple games that you can carry over and play with your group.

PREP TIME- 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Deck of Cards, Plastic Cups with Water, Super Soaker or Large Pitcher of Water (optional)

GAME TIME- 3-5 Minutes



Start by playing in a setting that can get wet (you can have participants sit in a pool, but that will add to your set up time).

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Mascot Match Up

Mascot Match UpThe return of Mascot Match Up means that March Madness is upon us! In just a few short days, 64 (technically 68 if you count the play-in teams) of the top collegiate basketball teams will face off in one of sports greatest showcases. Every year, March Madness provides us with last-second buzzer beaters, heroics from players we’ve never heard of, and upsets galore.

While you won’t be giving away a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, like Warren Buffet, you will have a fun and super easy game to play with your group.

We’ve created an easy to use PDF for you to download and distribute to your group. The sheets include a list of schools who are in this year’s tournament, a list of mascots and an answer key for you to verify. I encourage you to give it a try before you look at the answers, it’s not quite as easy as it may sound.

Mascot Match Up Game (NCAA 2014)

How To Play

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Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Flashlight Scavenger HuntFlashlight Scavenger Hunt. Sticking with our Flashlight theme this week, we are sharing another classic with a twist.

PREP TIME- 20-30 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Flashlight & Bag for Each Person & Items to be Found

GAME TIME- 30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  Everyone (you can split into teams if you would like)


Before you begin playing, make sure to turn out or cover all the lights in the area you will be playing in. If you are outside, you will just need to make sure it’s dark enough that they will need flashlights.

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This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of MineThis Little Light of Mine is a fun and easy game that uses a flashlight and two walls to create a great game of competition for the entire group. We’ve also included a St. Patrick’s Day category since it’s coming up on Monday, March 17th.


ITEMS NEEDED- 2 Flashlights & 2 Large Walls in a Dark Room

GAME TIME- 10-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  Everyone, split into two teams


Separate the teams so that they are facing two opposing walls. Each team will rotate one player who will be the designated drawer.

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Free Resources from Church on the Move

COTM SEEDS RESOURCE PAGEEvery now and again we like to share great resources that we find. It’s even better when they’re FREE!

This weekend, Church on the Move, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is hosting their annual seeds conference. Lead Pastor Willie George and his staff have done an amazing job over the years in reaching out to people, especially through creative arts.

Check out their Free Resource Page. They have great graphics, videos and ministry tools for all ages.

Sign up to create your free account and let the downloading commence!

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Marshmallow Dodgeball

Jumbo MarshmallowsMarshmallow Dodgeball is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. While the rules for dodgeball are the same, we’ve provided multiple styles of play below. You’ll love this no set up game that includes your whole group!


ITEMS NEEDED- Jumbo Marshmallows

GAME TIME- 10-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  Everyone, split into 2-4 Teams


Before you begin, make sure to purchase some Jumbo Size Marshmallows. Most stores will carry them, and they will be noticeably larger than the regular size marshmallows.

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Three Legged Dance Off

Three Legged Dance OffThree Legged Dance Off was recently featured on The Tonight Shoe with Jimmy Fallon. While he and Cameron Diaz wore some giant pants and a huge shoe (see video below), your game doesn’t have to be so elaborate and it can also feature more people.

PREP TIME-  2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- String or Ribbon to Tie Team Members Together (optional: giant pants to share)

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  2-4 Teams of 2 (Leaders to tie them together while you explain the game)


Choose your teams and have them come up. While you are explaining the game to them, have each team side by side so that your leaders can tie their legs together. I recommend they tie their ankles and knees together so they don’t come apart. Make sure to test the string or ribbon your using to make sure it’s strong enough.

Once they have been tied together, their goal is to do the best three legged dance they can do to the song and style of music you select.

Here is the video from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

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