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Easter Fact or Fiction

Fact or FictionEaster Fact or Fiction is a fun game that requires absolutely no prep time and involves zero set up! Not only that, it’s awesome and helps you learn a few interesting facts about Easter.


ITEMS NEEDED – Easter Fact or Fiction Sheet (download below)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes



Start by downloading your Easter Fact or Fiction sheet below.

Easter Fact or Fiction PDF

Once you have it in hand, you will simply read it to your group and allow them to make their guesses.

Play as individuals or as teams (make sure to select a captain if you play in teams). Either way, you will have a blast and I’m sure you will have at least a few people saying, “No way!” as you go through the statements.

We’ve also included a brief explanation after the statements which you can share with your group if you have time.


1. Before you begin, create some Fact & Fiction signs (front and back) for groups or individuals to hold up during the game.

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Donut Drawing

Donut DrawingDonut Drawing may very well turn in to your most exciting game after you play! It’s an awesomely fun, fairly messy, and incredibly hilarious way to engage your group.

PREP TIME- 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- One dozen creme or jelly filled donuts (have more on hand for a larger group), 2 large white boards, cleaner & paper towels

GAME TIME- 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS- Everyone, split into 2 teams (if you have a really large group, you may need to split the teams smaller)


Donut Drawing is much like it sounds. The basic gist of the game will require teams to take the creme or jelly filling and draw simple pictures (suggestions listed below). That’s right, they bust open a donut, dive into it and start drawing! If the team guesses correctly, they are awarded one point.

Each team will have two 60-second rounds to draw, with a final lightning round being two minutes. During the last round, they will be able to guess as many as possible.

Suggested Pics (come up with your own as well!)

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Red Cross
  • Balloon
  • Guitar
  • Star
  • Light Bulb
  • Door
  • Arrow
  • Tree
  • Stop Sign
  • Eye
  • Sun
  • Nose

You will need to wipe down the whiteboard after each round. Just spray a little cleaner on and wipe it down with some paper towels.

Whichever team has the highest total after the three rounds is the winner!

In the event of a tie, have each team select someone to draw. Whoever guesses the item first is the winner.


1. Award donuts (or donut holes) to the winning team!

2. Have multiple colors of filling or jellies that they can use during the last round just to mix it up.

3. If you buy donuts from a shop, you can ask to purchase extra filling, which may help with the process of drawing.

4. Lay down plastic and have garbage cans nearby to make clean up easier.

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Cadbury Egg Relay

Cadbury Egg RelayCadbury Egg Relay is a spin off a relay game. Our version is super easy and great if you’re looking for Easter games.

PREP TIME- 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Silver Spoons (metal work better than plastic), 2 Cadbury Eggs for Each Team (have extras) 

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS- 8-12 Participants per Team (make sure they are even)


If you are inside, start by laying down some plastic in the areas that your teams will play on. If you’re able to be outside on grass, you can skip this step. Once you’re done with that, line teams up in a single file line, with the first person approximately 15′-20′ from the end (you may want to mark the beginning & end line with tape, a cone, shoe, hat or whatever you can find).

The first person will then proceed to take their spoon and put it in their mouth, clamping down on it with their teeth to keep it steady. Next, put a Cadbury Egg on the spoon and explain the following: Continue reading

Mascot Matchup

Oregon Duck Oklahoma State Cowboy Mascot MatchupIt’s time for our 3rd Annual Mascot Matchup. Of course, this means that March Madness is upon us! Technically, the event begins Tuesday night, but by Thursday, all the games will be in full force as the top college basketball teams square off in one of sports greatest showcases. I can’t wait to watch last-second buzzer beaters and heroics from players and teams that we’ve never heard of.

While you won’t be giving away big money for a perfect bracket, we are once again providing a fun game for your group.

Continue reading

Smelly Jelly

Smelly JellySmelly Jelly is an exciting relay game that is great for Easter or any other time of the year.

PREP TIME – 5-10 minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Jelly Beans, Fake Easter Grass, Kiddie Pool (or one bucket per team)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone, teams of 6-10


Make sure to set up before you start so you’re ready to go when it’s game time. Simply buy a plastic or inflatable kiddie pool, dump some jelly beans in it and then fill it up with fake Easter grass. If you don’t have a kiddie pool, you can use a bucket for each team.

Continue reading

Peeped Out

Peeped OutPeeped Out is a great game to play around Easter. After all, who doesn’t like a Peep!?!


ITEMS NEEDED-  Peeps (5 boxes minimum per person)

GAME TIME- 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS-  3-4 people per team


Once you’ve selected your participants, you will need to designate a “sticker” and a “stickee” for each team. The stickers will be given 3 minutes to stick as many Peeps on the face of the stickee.

Continue reading

New eBook: 40 Incredible Scavenger Hunts

40 Incredible Cover - 2We  are excited to offer you another  new  eBook,  40 Incredible Scavenger Hunts: Ready to Go Scavenger Hunts that Work.

The book is loaded with themed scavenger hunts that will work for anytime of year. It’s great for a weekend event or road trip and will definitely help you fill your calendar if you’re short on events or need something to do with minimal preparation and cost.

40 Incredible Scavenger Hunts

Pick up a copy and get your hunt on!

Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt

Spaghetti Scavenger HuntSpaghetti Scavenger Hunt is a simple game that gets a little messy, but provides a whole lot of fun!


PREP TIME- 30-60 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Spaghetti Noodles (8-10 lbs), Spaghetti Sauce, 4 Large Plates, 4 Small Bowls, Random Food Items to be Placed in Spaghetti, Plastic or Tarp (optional, but recommended for indoors)

GAME TIME- 3-5 Minutes



Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt requires a bit of prep work. You will need a minimum of two pounds of cooked spaghetti noodles per participant (more is usually better). Since cooking noodles can take a little while, we recommend that you have a leader or parent cook them for you and simply bring them in Ziploc bags. This will save you time and money while allowing you to focus on the game setup.

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