Problem Solved?

Problem SolvedThis week we will be sharing 5 brand new Christmas games! You can also check out some of our past Christmas games here.

Today, we start with a our Christmas Edition of a game we call “Problem Solved?”. It’s a great game that can be played with a group of any size, no matter where you are. Even better, all you need to play is a pen, paper and a few minutes to play. Oh yeah, did we mention this won’t cost you a dime!

PREP TIME- 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Pen or Pencil, Strips of Paper

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes



Distribute a pen and piece of paper to each person. Task half of the group with writing down a problem that may be encountered on Christmas. Encourage them to be creative and funny. Make sure they keep them to one or two sentences.

The other half will then come up with a solution to a problem, however, they will not know what problem they are solving.

Once you have enough problems and solutions, start by reading a problem out loud, followed by one of the solutions. While not everyone of them will be funny, some will be hilarious and I guarantee that they will be repeated afterwards!


1. If you have a smaller group, you can have them write a problem and a solution. Just make sure to mix them up so the problem and solution come from different people. You can also have your leaders write some down to ensure that you have plenty of viable options.

2. Have the group write problems on green sheets of paper and the solutions on red to make sure you can easily tell the two apart, plus it’s Christmas-y!

3. Make sure to have some fun Christmas music for the few minutes they are coming up with ideas.

4. Post some of your favorite problems and solutions online and tag the authors.

5. Play this game year round by simply changing the scenario. It’s great to play on road trips as well!

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STUFF IT!Stuff It! is a fantastic team game that allows groups to work together and have fun at the same time.

PREP TIME- 1 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Package of Toilet Paper per Team (12 Roll recommended), One Large (or Extra Large) T-Shirt per Team, One Rope per Team (or belt)

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS- Everyone (Teams of 10)


Once you have assembled your teams, they will need to pick a smaller guy from the team (make sure each team has one). Have them put on the shirt and tie the rope around their waist. At that point, yell out “Stuff It!”

When they are ready, the remaining members of the team will begin to unravel each roll of toilet paper and start stuffing it into the designated person’s shirt. If any toilet paper comes out of the bottom of the shirt, the rope must be retightened and the toilet paper must be put back in the shirt.

The team that can unravel each roll and stuff it in the shirt first wins!


1. Have each person wearing the shirt tuck it in. If they already have a belt, it will make it easier.

2. Have some music playing in the background to enhance the atmosphere.

3. Take plenty of pictures of the stuffed creations and post them to your Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure to tag individuals in the group as well!

4. Award the winning team a roll of toilet paper in honor of their victory!

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Orange Relay

Orange RelayOrange Relay is a fun game that will get your entire group moving and requires very little time to set up.

PREP TIME- 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- Oranges (1 per team of 8)

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS- Everyone (teams of 6-8)


Before you play Orange Relay, you’ll need to start by breaking teams up into groups of 6-8 people. Once they are separated, have each team line up in a single file line next to each other. You’ll need to have a large enough space (50-100 feet one way) that they can go down to and travel back to where they started. This can be a wall, a line, piece of tape on the floor, or a simple item on the ground that they must walk to.

Once this is set up, you will give each team an orange. Their goal is to carry the orange to the end point and back to their team, where they will pass it off to the next person. The catch is that they must do so using body parts other than their hands!

You can use one method or mix them up during each race to make it interesting. If they are quick, you can even have each person go multiple times using different body parts. Some suggestions (remember, no hands!) are:

  •  Orange under chin
  •  Orange between two elbows 
  • Orange in between bicep of one arm 
  • Orange between two knees
  • Orange between two feet
  • Orange on top of hand (can’t use palm to hold)
  • Orange under armpit
  • Orange between two people’s foreheads
  • Orange between two people’s backs


1. Have a few extra oranges on hands in case some of them begin to leak too much.

2. Have some up beat music playing during the relay to add to the atmosphere.

3. As always, take plenty of pictures and post them to your Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure to tag individuals in the group as well!

4. Award the winning team a bag of oranges for their efforts!

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Twizzler Tie Up

Twizzler Tie UpTwizzler Tie Up is a great team competition for the entire group!

PREP TIME- 2-3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED- 10 Twizzlers per Team (with some extras)

GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes



Place everyone into groups of two and hand them ten Twizzlers (make sure they are fresh). Explain to them that they are a part of the great Twizzler Tie Up competition.

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You’ve Been Served

You've Been ServedYou’ve Been Served 
 is a fantastic game of balance that gets everyone involved. It’s a simple game with no set-up and can be played just about anywhere.


ITEMS NEEDED- A penny for each participant

GAME TIME- 5 Minutes



You’ve Been Served is a balance game that requires the participants to act as “servers.” A server often has to serve multiple dishes as one time, which they do by using a tray. For your game, individuals will pretend to be holding an imaginary tray with a penny on it.

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