DownpourWe are excited to share our today’s new game, Downpour. Temperatures are heating up and this is a great game to get your group cooled down!

PREP TIME – 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Clear Plastic Cups (for each player), Clear Water Pitcher (one per team), Water Source (hose, bucket, jug, whatever)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Teams of 10-20 (make sure teams are even)


Before you begin playing, make sure each team has access to water so they can refill their cups. Next, put them in a single-file line based on their height. The tallest person needs to be in front and the shortest at the end. They also need to be facing forward to begin.

The name of this game is speed and precision. Downpour requires the front person in each line to have a full cup of water, while everyone else on the team will have an empty cup.

Once you start the game, the first person (tallest) must turn and face the next person (second tallest) in line. They will then try to tip their cup of water into the empty cup being held by the person with the empty cup. The trick is that the cups must stay firmly atop the head of each player. They can use their hands to hold the cup their, but they can not touch anything else.

The goal of the game is to do this all the way to the end of the line and then have the last person (shortest) pour the remaining water into a pitcher. The first team to fill up the pitcher (or have the most after a designated amount of time) is the winner!


1. Make sure the cups and pitchers are all the same, otherwise measuring will be incredibly difficult.

2. Put water pitchers on a solid surface to make sure they don’t tip over.

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11 Games to Cool You Down

11 Games to Cool You DownWith temperatures on the rise, we decided to share 11 Games to Cool You Down.

While most of these games involve water, we have a few with some ice as well. So get outside and let the games begin!

Balloon in the Bucket

Don’t Squeeze Me Yet

Drip Drip Splash

Fill It Up

Frozen Treasure

Keep It In the Cup

Melt It!

Soak It Up

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Water War

Will It Float?

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Cereal Slogans

Cereal SlogansCereal Slogans is a fun game that you can play with a teams, up front or individuals. However you decide to play, it’s sure to get some taste buds stirring!

PREP TIME – 2-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Cereal Slogan Game Sheet (download below) & Pens; Optional: Boxes of each cereal listed

GAME TIME – 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Individual Play: Everyone; Up Front Play: 3 Players; Team Play: Everyone, Groups of 10


The basic premise of Cereal Slogans involves matching cereals to their slogan. In that sense, the game is very simple.

Below we will detail how you can play as individuals, in teams or utilize it as an up front game.

Individual Play

This one is easy. Just print the Cereal Slogans game sheet (includes Answer Key) and hand out to participants. Have them keep it face down until everyone has one and then have them match it up as quickly as possible. The first person to get them all right is the winner!

Team Play

Form groups of 10 and have them line up in a single file line. Have the names of each cereal printed and placed on the wall (you can have the actual boxes on a table, but it’s a much more expensive way to play!). Print out the names of each slogan on a piece of paper and hand out one to each player.

Have them run up and match the slogan to the cereal one by one. When the first person is done, they will tag the next person and then they will go and so on. Once all 10 are hung/taped, have someone check to see how many they have right and relay that number to the team. They can then all go to try and make adjustments until they have all 10 correct. Whichever team does so first is the winner!

Up Front Play

This works best if you have the 10 boxes of cereal for each of the three contestants. Take a long table and tape the slogans to the edge of the table so the slogans are visible to the contestants and the audience. Give each player the 10 boxes and see who can correctly place them all first. Whoever does so is the winner!

To save money on this one, you can purchase 10 boxes and have each contestant go one at a time, making sure to keep the next contestants out of the room until it is their turn. Time them and then have the next person come. This method works, but don’t go beyond three since it becomes anti-climatic for the audience.


1. Award the winner(s) with some boxes of cereal!

2. We selected 10 staple cereals that are found in most US grocery stores, but feel free to add more cereals and slogans to the game that might be native to where you are. You can download the editable word doc here: Cereal Slogans.

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Frozen Treasure

Frozen TreasuresFrozen Treasure is a great game to play as things heat up! Get your entire group involved and have them race against each other with this awesome game!!

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes + time to let the water freeze

ITEMS NEEDED – One Ice Cube Tray per team, Small Legos (enough for each spot on the tray), Permanent Marker

GAME TIME – 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Teams of 6-8 (make sure teams are even)


Before playing Frozen Treasure, you will need to get everything set up. Depending on how many pieces of ice your tray holds, come up with a word (or two) that represents a fun item. For example, “Jolly Rancher” is twelve letter long and would work for most standard size ice cube trays. Some other suggestions are: Reese’s Pieces (12), Tootsie Rolls (12), Atomic Fireball (14), Three Musketeers (15), Cherry Cheesecake (16). You can even use something that is unique to your group as well.

Once you have a word, write one letter of the word on each Lego piece in permanent marker. You can then fill the tray up with water, drop a small Lego in each square and let it freeze. Have enough trays for each team. Once they are all frozen, pull them out a few minutes before you are going to start the game.

The game itself is very simple. Teams will work together to melt the ice around each Lego. They are not allowed to break the ice and they must melt the ice without putting the cube in their mouth. That means they can use their bodies to melt the ice.

Once they have all the melted Legos, they must put them together to spell the word you have selected. Give them a small clue that will lead them the right direction. Also, make sure to let them know how many words the clue is.

The first team to successfully link all the Lego’s to correctly spell the word is the winner! Award the winning team with the item they spelled as a prize!


1. Depending on the age of your group, they may struggle to unscramble the word, so feel free to assist as necessary.

2. Add an extra challenge to the game by not allowing teams to use their hands to melt the ice.

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Drip Drip Splash

Drip Drip Splash
With a little dose of nostalgia and a whole lot of water, Drip Drip Splash is the fun summer version of Duck Duck Goose.

PREP TIME – 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 5 Gallon Bucket of Water, Access to Hose/Water, Large Sponge

GAME TIME – 10 Minutes



Drip Drip Splash starts by having everyone sit down in a circle (a grass field works best). From there, the game operates just like Duck Duck Goose, except they won’t be tapping heads and saying names.

Select one person to start the game, have them stick the sponge in the water and then walk around the group, letting the sponge drip over the heads of the group sitting in the circle. The walker will then select someone by squeezing the sponge over their head and splashing them with the water.

This is the point where the person who has been splashed will then stand up and chase the person who splashed them. If they are tagged before they reach the vacated spot they person who tagged them will grab the bucket from the middle of the group (filled up) and dump it on the person they tagged. Once they are done with that, they will then grab the sponge and continue playing.

If they are unable to tag the person before they are seated back in the vacated spot, they will take the sponge and continue playing, but do not get to douse their nemesis with the bucket of water.


1. Leave plenty of room around the circle for people to run.

2. Play an elimination round award the top five with rubber duckies!

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