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Angry BirdsIn case you’ve never been introduced to Stuff You Can Use, it is run by Kenny & Elle Campbell, who also work with youth leaders through OrangeLeaders. Their site provides awesome games, but they also provide loads of ministry tools to help equip leaders, parents and volunteers.

One of the great features of this site is that it is also economical. In fact, much of it is just a couple of bucks or free. In today’s economy, I don’t have to tell you how invaluable a resource like this is.

The game that caught my attention was their giant-size Angry Birds game. Our youth ministry is stoked to play this game at our New Year’s Eve event this year. I encourage you to take some time to peruse their site and utilize this amazing ministry tool.

If you want to get all the latest from Stuff You Can Use, follow them on Twitter @stuffyoucanuse and sign up on their site to get emails with free products and notifications on new materials.

You can also follow Student Ministry Games @stumingames to get more great games and resources!

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