Pucker Up!

Hey, hey it’s Wednesday! Our wild game for this week is sure to put a sour expression on your students face… in a good way. I present to you, Pucker Up.

PREP TIME – 5-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 12- ½ Filled Dixie Cups of Lemon Juice, 12- 4 oz Cups of Water, 12 Packets of Sugar

GAME TIME – 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 12 (4 Teams of 3)


Once you have your contestants, separate them into groups and have them line up single file behind the table where the ingredients will be placed. Each portion of the table (make it four distinct sections) should have 3- ½ filled Dixie cups of lemon juice, 3- 4oz cups of water, 3 packets of sugar.

When you say go, each team will send one member to the table. That competitor will then pour the lemon juice in their mouth (without swallowing), then the sugar, then the water. When all three are in their mouth, they must shake their head frantically for 10 seconds. At that point, they must swallow the lemonade, tag the next member of their team, and then you will repeat the process until the final participant has gone. First team done wins!


1. All kinds of variations of this game can be played: have them squeeze the juice out of the lemon first; use larger amounts of lemon juice; make the teams larger of smaller; use Kool-Aid instead of lemonade. Be creative and have fun with it!

2. Pictures and videos of sour expressions are always great to have, so have someone ready to capture all the great moments. After you get your pics and vids, post them on your youth ministry’s Facebook page for all to see.

3. Have someone with a clock there to verify that they’ve shaken for ten seconds and give them the green light to swallow their lemonade.

4. Have everything set up on a table beforehand. That way you can have two volunteers move it to the front quickly as you explain the game.

5. Give away lemons or a nice cold glass of lemonade to the winning team. A nice way to relax after a hard fought victory.

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