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YouthMin.orgTGIF! This Friday’s Favorite is devoted to Here at Student Ministry Games, we are trying to bring a good blend of the new and old, this site is definitely the latter. was launched in January of this year by Ben & Josh Read. They also have numerous contributors (listed below) that greatly enhance this phenomenal site. It’s loaded with tons of materials that are sure to benefit your ministry experience.

While there are not loads of games posted on their site, the ones that they do have are top quality. I encourage you to peruse each game post. It might take you 20 minutes to read them all, but I know you’ll come away with at least a few great game ideas.

The heart of the site is to network, help and serve youth ministers so that they can effectively reach students with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. While I feel that many youth ministry sites are out just to make money, really puts solid and useful material into the hands of their readers. If you don’t follow them on Twitter, you can do so by clicking here.

As far as the rest of their site, you will see that it is well put together. The graphics are some of the best that you will find and you won’t be overwhelmed by useless material. Bottom line, they do what they do well.

If you’re looking for a new site to check out, click over to and see what’s going on! You can also follow their contributors on Twitter as well: Nick Farr, Kolby Milton, Benjamin Kerns, Frank Gil, Keith Parker, Jeremy Smith, Justin Herman, Heather Lea Campbell, David Miller, Austin Walker & Jordan Easley. I know that’s a lot of names, but these youth ministry vets have a vast array of knowledge that would be helpful to any ministry- remember that great leaders are learners!

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