The Amazing Race

It’s time for Tuesday’s Game of the Week. While I almost exclusively share group or up front games, we are going to devote the rest of this week to game events that  you can fill up your calendar with for 2013. We start with one of my favorites, The Amazing Race!

If you’ve never seen the show, the basic premise revolves around teams racing against one another all over the world. The race consists mainly of CLUES (aka Route Info), DETOURS (teams choose between one of the two tasks listed), & ROAD BLOCKS (a task that only one team member can perform). In the television show, they race to a Pit Stop at the end of each leg, with three teams competing in the finale.

For the sake of this game, I am going to stick to Clues, Detours (this can be optional) & Road Blocks. Rather than writing the whole game out, you can download The Amazing Race Beginner’s Guide on PDF with a list of sample clues and suggestions to get you started.

If you want this event to be successful, make sure to plan at least a month ahead. Contact and recruit parents, leaders and businesses you want to be involved so they know what and when to expect teams. This also gives you ample opportunity to tweak anything that isn’t working.

Personally, I’m a gamer at heart so I enjoy putting together games like this. That being said, you need to know that this game takes time to prepare and set up. I feel the outcome in well worth it and the students have always appreciated the effort. This has the potential to be one of the best events you will ever do, it’s only a matter of what you want to put into it.

So take some time to read through the download and send me any suggestions you might have to make the game better. We would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below and remember to follow us on Twitter @stumingames!


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