Tip of the Day – Seeing Is Believing

Time for Thursday’s Tip of the Day! It’s been said that “seeing is believing”. While that’s not true for everything, it is true for games. It may seem obvious to you, but don’t forget that the audience actually wants to see your games.

If you have two-person teams, don’t have one person with their back to the crowd, turn them side to side so the audience can see their faces. There is nothing worse than having a wildly entertaining game that no one sees. Frustration, intensity and happiness are often expressed through facial expressions, so let the crowd appreciate it. This also goes for social media. If your photographer/videographer can’t see expressions, you miss awesome shots to share with your group.

Also, I don’t recommend lying down on the floor unless you have some sort of elevated platform (or you can put people on a table), because only the front two rows are going to be able to see. Always remember, you want to accommodate the audience, not the other way around.

It’s a simple tip, but you would be surprise how often this rule is broken. Sometimes we don’t need better games, we just need to give them room to breathe a little.

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