Church Stage Design Ideas

Church Stage Design IdeasToday’s favorite comes courtesy of Church Stage Design Ideas. As you might guess, it’s a site devoted to the most amazing and creative stage designs that churches are using today.

Let’s face it, God’s presence can abide anywhere, even in a dingy and dark building. But far too many churches, youth, and kid ministries are worshipping in buildings that are bland, outdated and unintentionally retro simply because they don’t know how to change up their look.

I absolutely love CSDI because the site is current and loaded with pictures, tips and instructional videos so that you can make the designs a reality. I’ve seen tons of sites that offer tips or a few pictures, but this one is the king of them all. You’ll find designs that fit every church and style, as well as tips on lighting and how to set up for special events, including some amazing stages for Easter & Christmas.

If you’ve been in ministry long, you know how important it is to create an atmosphere. This is done in a variety of ways, but one important way is how things look. Let’s face it, most guests who walk into your church will draw immediate conclusions off two things: how friendly is your church, and what does it look like. While the former takes a good amount of training, the latter can be changed relatively quickly.

In case you’re thinking that your church or ministry will never be able to afford these types of designs, let me encourage you to check the site out. Many of the designs use tricks to keep the costs down, and there’s a good chance you can at least borrow some of the ideas to incorporate in your ministry.

You may also be thinking that since you have a shared space (as I do), that you can’t do much, but that’s not true either. There are some great suggestions on how to address that specific issue on CSDI.

So make sure to set aside some time to check out all that CSDI has to offer, I know you’ll get some great ideas from them!

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