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Matt McKee TwitterIt’s Friday! I hope that you have had a great week. Today I want to share one of my personal favorites that I found through Twitter a little over a year ago. Personally, I don’t follow too many people I don’t know. I especially don’t follow people I’ve never heard of. But that changed when I found Matt McKee.

When I was 25, I was stubborn. I didn’t have an email, I just got my first cell phone and I would have never have dreamed of using MySpace, Facebook or Twitter at any time, for any reason (I also said that bottled water was the worst idea ever… oops!). Eight years later, I’ve found that if I wanted to connect with this generation, I had to start embracing technology. It’s not the only way to connect, but it is a major platform that we can use to foster and build relationships.

I first started following Matt because he had some interesting tweets on technology, but then I discovered that there was so much more. Matt is the CEO of ROAR, which exists to help your voice be heard through mobile and social technology. His blog also contains some great stuff as well!

Generally speaking, I tend to focus on the technology side of Matt’s posts. He’s an amazing networker who has a firm grip on what is current and upcoming in the world and in ministry. Too often, the church lags behind in these areas, but I believe that we must start embracing the resources that people like Matt and his team provide.

That’s why I love following him. I don’t have time to investigate every single piece of new technology, but he does. I can simply read a brief article for one or two minutes and have a good grasp on what’s hot and what’s not. He reviews everything from the latest iPhone, to the hottest apps like Vine, to the funny tweets that went out during the Super Bowl.

If you are a novice, Matt’s company can also help you with the marketing side of things. ROAR offers some tremendous packages for website development, mobile apps and creating a social media presence for your church, ministry, camp or school.

I would strongly encourage you to follow Matt on Twitter. He posts multiple times a day, so you are guaranteed to get a wealth of information pertaining to technology, marketing and ministry.

So if you or your church have been a little slow to embrace technology, I encourage you to give it a try, you might just find that you like it more than you are willing to admit!

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