An app idea we hope you’ll support! Mimic Me on Indiegogo!!

Today I want to share with you a new app idea that I created. The app is entitled, Mimic Me, and I just launched an Indiegogo campaign last night.

Mimic Me blends social networking and pictures into a fun game. While you can read the details on the Mimic Me Page, the basic premise of the game revolves around you and your friends taking pictures of yourself and then trying to copy, or mimic those pictures. You accumulate varying degrees of points based off of computer facial recognition and user ratings.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I’m hoping that you will be able to support the app through giving (there’s incentives for those who give!) and by sharing the page/video with your friends.

As mentioned in the video, this app only works when powered by people, so I figured, why not reach out to the people that we share games with every single week.

Take a moment to click on Mimic Me’s Indiegogo campaign and keep tabs on us through Facebook & Twitter as well!

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