Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #17 SPUDNICK

Ranking at #17 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It countdown is, Spudnick.

This game scores high on the unique factor, and is really a good amount of fun. While it’s not over the top on visual appeal, it is quite hilarious watching people try to jam a bendy straw into a potato!



1) When clock starts, player stands 5 straws into potato, then balances chocolate-coated peanut candy on each straw.

2) To complete game, 5 chocolate-coated peanut candies must rest concurrently on straws for 3 seconds within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tips

1. Make sure to have plenty of extra bendy straws on hand.

2. If you can’t jam a straw into the potato, bake the potatoes for a few minutes before hand. This allows them to soften a bit. Don’t bake them too long though!

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