Road Trip Games #2 – Name That Tune

Name That TuneToday we are sharing another great game to play for those long rides you might experience in ministry. This one is well known, but rarely played well. We want to make Name That Tune a success for you!

Before I became a Christian, one of my buddies in High School tried to reach out to me by telling me that Christian music was really good. To prove his point, he put in a CD of Petra… yes… that Petra. Even at the time, they were not at the top of the Christian music industry. As a result, I, being the nice guy I was, told him that his music stunk (in not so nice terms) and walked away thinking Christian music was a joke.

Fortunately, their is a lot of great music in that is centered around our faith today. This game might be a great way of introducing some of your students to some of it.

PREP TIME– 5-15 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– iPod (or like player) with Music & an Adapter for your device

GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Anyone in your vehicle


Before you leave for your trip, take 10 or 20 minutes to throw together a set list for the game. Make sure to include a good mix of solid Christian songs and some well known funny songs as well. Classics like “Eye of the Tiger” or Europe’s “The Final Countdown” are always great. It never hurts to throw in some “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire either.

As far as Christian artists, this is where you have to know your group. Obviously, Switchfoot, Toby Mac, Skillet & Lacrae have a number of great songs, but you can go old school with DC Talk or even Carman (no will probably get it, but trust me, it’s awesome!).

You should have about 20-30 songs selected and then you can have your PASSENGER (NOT YOU!!!) play through the songs for you while you’re driving.

Award points for naming the song (or close to the title) plus bonus points for the band as well. Whoever tallies the highest score at the end is the master of music!


1. This is certainly a great game for the road, but it also works in a group setting. You can also play a bit of a twist off of it and have people perform their best lip-sync to a song, ala Milli Vanilli (or anyone who sings at the Superbowl).

2. Have a student organize the game for you and just check over the list before to make sure it’s good. This saves you a lot of time and it gets them involved in it as well.

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