Rubber Band Man

Rubber Band Man (or woman!) is a really simple game that has zero set up and only requires you to have a boatload of rubber bands on hand.


ITEMS NEEDED– Tons of Rubber Bands (thousands if possible), Safety Goggles (recommended)

GAME TIME– 2-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2-4 Teams of 3 (or more if you’d like!)


As mentioned above this game is incredibly simple. All you will need to do is give out large quantities of rubber bands to each team of 3. Once you hand them their rubber bands, they have two minutes to put as many rubber bands on their Rubber Band Man (or Woman!) as they possibly can.

Since hands/arms will be easiest, make every rubber band worth 1pt. Award 2pts for feet/legs and 3pts per rubber band on the face (hanging on ears does not count). DO NOT ALLOW PARTICIPANTS TO PLACE RUBBER BANDS AROUND THEIR NECK!

At the end of the two minutes, tally the bands and see who your winner is!


1. Use different sizes of rubber bands, it allows the participants to use them on different parts of their body, as some will stretch better.

2. For an extra layer of safety, have participants wear some safety goggles if you’re going to allow them to put rubber bands on or near their face.

3. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them on social media!

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