Today’s game is fantastic if you are holding any sort of all night New Years Party or a game night where you have extra time to play games. Sockball is a simple, yet exciting game that requires teams to work together.

PREP TIME– 10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– A Pair of Socks for Every Person on the Court/Field, Extra Pairs of Socks, a Large Area (large rooms, basketball courts or a field will work)

GAME TIME– 20-45 Minutes



Before you begin, cone or tape off your field of play. If you’re in a gym, just use the court lines. You will also need to create a “ball” for them to throw around. This is done by placing socks inside a tube sock until it is adequate size and then tie it off (you can use a regular or mini dodge ball or football instead of the sockball if you prefer).

Once you have divided the group into two teams, select 10 players from each team (if you have a smaller group, just split them evenly). They will then need to grab a pair of tube socks and place them over their hands.

Once you’ve decided who gets the sockball first (coin flip), each team will position themselves on their side of the court/field and get ready for play.

The game is simple. Teams must work together to get the sockball all the way across the end line (like the end zone in football). To do so, they must throw the ball to one another, but they are not allowed to take more than two steps while holding the sockball. If they take more steps or the sockball is dropped, the other team takes possession of it where the other team lost it. Interceptions or knockdowns also result in a change of possession.

Other Rules:

1. Teams can pass the sockball forward or backward at any time.

2. Once the sockball has been caught, the opposing team must keep a one-foot radius so the other team can pass the sockball.

3. No hand-offs. Teams must throw the ball to each other.

If you have a large group and plenty of space, play multiple games at once. If you are limited in space, rotate players every 5 minutes. This way, everyone gets to play.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the designated time is the winner.


1. Tube socks work best because they don’t come off very easily.

2. Play with 2  or more sock balls at one time. This allows for more people to be involved and definitely increases the scoring.

3. Award a “Sock Trophy” to the winning team. Maybe a hideous looking sock you could find.

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