Mascot Match Up

Mascot Match UpThe return of Mascot Match Up means that March Madness is upon us! In just a few short days, 64 (technically 68 if you count the play-in teams) of the top collegiate basketball teams will face off in one of sports greatest showcases. Every year, March Madness provides us with last-second buzzer beaters, heroics from players we’ve never heard of, and upsets galore.

While you won’t be giving away a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, like Warren Buffet, you will have a fun and super easy game to play with your group.

We’ve created an easy to use PDF for you to download and distribute to your group. The sheets include a list of schools who are in this year’s tournament, a list of mascots and an answer key for you to verify. I encourage you to give it a try before you look at the answers, it’s not quite as easy as it may sound.

Mascot Match Up Game (NCAA 2014)

How To Play

Though you can play individually, I usually encourage these types of games to be played in teams of 4-6. This allows people to group up with others in case they have no clue about the game. Give teams between 3-5 minutes to fill out as many as possible. This game is fun, but be careful not to let it drag on too long.

Bonus Tip

1) Use PowerPoint to show pictures of some of the mascots if you choose to read through the answers at the end. I usually tend to have a couple people reviewing the answers so I don’t have to read every single one, and then I highlight the odd or difficult ones.

2) Make sure you tell participants that they can’t use their phones… or they will!

3) I consider myself a sports junkie and I was able to get 40 of the 68 without a list of mascots. If, and ONLY if, you are with some other sports junkies, you can play for a while without the list of mascots and then hand it to them a few minutes in to make it a bit more difficult.

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