Easter Fact or Fiction

Easter Fact or Fiction is a fun game that requires absolutely no prep time and involves zero set up! Not only that, it’s awesome and helps you learn a few interesting facts about Easter.


ITEMS NEEDED – Easter Fact or Fiction Sheet (download below)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes



Start by downloading your Easter Fact or Fiction sheet below.

Easter Fact or Fiction PDF

Once you have it in hand, you will simply read it to your group and allow them to make their guesses.

Play as individuals or as teams (make sure to select a captain if you play in teams). Either way, you will have a blast and I’m sure you will have at least a few people saying, “No way!” as you go through the statements.

We’ve also included a brief explanation after the statements which you can share with your group if you have time.


1. Before you begin, create some Fact & Fiction signs (front and back) for groups or individuals to hold up during the game.

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