Chug a Hug

Chug a HugChug a Hug is an awesome up front or team game that you can bust out for a big night or use at camp.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 8 Hug Fruit Juice Barrels duct taped together (if you don’t have hugs, use a six-pack of soda)

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 8 per team (we recommend a minimum of 4 teams)


Chug a Hug is super easy game that is fantastic for building energy. Before you begin, purchase a bunch of Hug Fruit Juice Barrels. Place eight together and duct tape them around the sides so they will not come apart. Keep in mind that you don’t want to actually squeeze the barrels too much or you’ll have juice all over as the participants open each barrel.

Once you have everything done, form teams of eight that will work together to see who can drink all the Hugs first. The first person to drink their Chug must tear off the lid and drink until the container is reasonably empty. The next person will rip off another lid and drink and so on until the last person drinks the final remaining Chug.

The first team to successfully empty their eight barrels is the winner!

Alternate Version

Use six-packs of soda and call Soda Swig Off or any other creative name you want to give it.


1. Put plastic down if you are inside and have a couple garbage cans and paper towels nearby to help with clean up.

2. Award the winning team a Hug (a juice and a real hug!).

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