Say Anything

This week we continue to show our appreciation for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Say Anything was first introduced by Mamrie Hart on her YouTube channel and Jimmy brought it to the show recently.

It’s one of our favorites because all you need to play is a roll of tape and a few minutes. No set up or prep required!



PARTICIPANTS – Two Players Go Head-to-Head (alternative option involves more people)


This game is so simple that some people will try to complicate it. Basically, two participants square off in a battle of words… well one word at a time.

Player one will say a word… any word. Once they say their word, the next person must say another word. This then continues until someone either repeats a word or hesitates (it must be a real word in your native language!). Once that happens, the person who failed to come up with a word will have a piece of tape placed on their face by their opponent (see video).

The first person to place 3 pieces of tape on their opponent is the winner!

Alternative Play

1. Play with groups of 4. You can play with larger groups, but the more people you play with means the more time people have to think and the easier it gets to say a word.

2. If you have a smaller group, play a tournament style (no more than 8 people). This is also a great game for long road trips!

We have a feeling that Say Anything might just be a game that your group will be playing beyond your time together.


1. Make sure to take pictures, tag the players and post it to social media!

2. If you play up front, make sure everyone can easily see the players faces. It’s the best part of the game!

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