7 Great Halloween Games

7 Great Halloween GamesCheck out 7 Great Halloween Games that you can use this week for your Halloween or fall themed event!

CANDY CONNECTION – easy to play (downloadable PDF available)

CANDY CORN RELAY – quick set up and easy to play

CANDY PUMPKIN – great game to have for people as they arrive

I GOT YOU COVERED – just get some TP and you’re ready to roll (see what we did there)

PUMPKIN DROP – a fun team building game that will most likely end in hilarity

SWEEPING PUMPKINS – get up and get moving with a fun relay race game

WHO AM I? CELEB EDITION – FREE PPT DOWNLOAD – see how well your group can see beyond the costume (download and play)

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Candy Corn Relay

Candy Corn RelayCandy Corn Relay is the perfect game for your next fall or Halloween event. Have a blast at your party with this simple game that gets everyone moving!

PREP TIME – 3-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Bowl of Candy Corn & Empty Container for Each Team, Spoons for Every Participant

GAME TIME – 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Minimum of 2 Teams of 5-10 (add teams so every team can play)


Before you play Candy Corn Relay, put the buckets full of candy corn at the starting line next to each team. Place the empty container 20-30 feet away from the starting line. Next, give each participant a spoon (metal spoons are easier to play with, but plastic ones will work). Finally, line teams up in a single file line next to each other.

The first person will take put the handle of the spoon in their mouth and then scoop out as many candy corn as possible from the bucket next to them. They key is that they cannot use their hands.

Once they have their candy corn on the spoon, they must carefully walk to towards the empty container and drop the candy corn in. They will then race back to the starting line and tag the next person up so they can begin.

If any spill or bounce out, they do not count. The team with the most in their container after the designated time (3-10 minutes depending on group size) is the winner!

In the rare event of a tie, see which team can transfer 10 candy corn from one side to the other the fastest.

Alternate Play

If Candy Corn is not in season, play with chocolate chips.


1. If you are on carpet, have someone who is designated to pick up the candy corn that falls to the floor to avoid having people step on the candy.

2. Put the bucket full of candy corn at the starting line on a table to help participants have easier access.

3. Have some upbeat  music going while they play.

4. Award the winning team a junk load of candy corn!

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Sweeping Pumpkins

Sweeping PumpkinsSweeping Pumpkins is just about what it sounds like. It’s a fast paced relay game that works great for the season!

PREP TIME – 2-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Pumpkin & Broom for Each Team, Tape or Chairs

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Minimum of 2 Teams of 5-10 (the more teams the better!)


To play the game, you will need to pick out similar sized pumpkins for each team. Because it can be hard to push the pumpkins with a broom, we recommend that you choose small to medium size pumpkins.

You will also need to mark off an obstacle course as well. Depending on the size of your space, you may elect to just have team sweep it down and back to their team. To do this, all you have to do is place a piece of tape on the floor (or use a chair that they can go around). If you choose to do an obstacle course, have several obstacles for each team to go around.

Have teams line up, with the first person from each team sweeping the pumpkin through the course. Once they are done, the next person will go. The first team to have everyone complete the course is the winner!


1. Have a couple of extra pumpkins on hand in case things get a bit too crazy.

2. If you don’t have a strong enough broom to push the pumpkins, you can tape off the ends to make it stronger with duct tape. Oars and hockey sticks also work.

3. If you do an obstacle course, it helps to have some taped arrows on the ground to steer participants.

4. Have some fun upbeat music going to keep the energy up.

5. Mark each pumpkin with a team name or number to make sure they don’t get mixed up in the chaos.

6. Award the winning team a giant pumpkin or a small one for each team member!

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Escape the Island

Escape the Island

Escape the Island is a great team building game that incorporates strategy and some healthy activity into a fun race against each other.

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Car Dolly (or Creeper) & 10′ RopeRope per Team, Large Space to Play (make sure the dolly will move smoothly on the surface you are playing on)

GAME TIME – 20-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Minimum of 2 Teams of 5-10 (the more teams the better!)



If you are looking to activate your group’s minds and bodies, Escape the Island is just the ticket. Before you begin, you will need to mark off your “islands”.

Get some tape and mark out a 5′ x 5′ box (you can make it round if you would like) for each team to start on. Approximately 20 feet from there, mark off a smaller, 3′ x 3′ box, this will be the second island they must go to before they reach the shore. Tape off the shore with a straight line that every must race to.

The goal of Escape the Island is to do just that. Let everyone know that the volcano on the island is going to erupt and they have 30 minutes to escape to safety (or whatever time you would like).  Teams must work together to use their car dolly and rope to first reach the second, smaller island. From there, they must then go an additional 20′ feet to get to the safety of the shore.

The catch is that no one can touch the floor/ground on their way to the island (they are shark infested) and they can only use their dolly & the piece of rope they were given to move toward the shore. If they touch the ground, each team member must go back to the last island they were on (if you want to make it really hard, make them return to the beginning no matter where they are!).

The only safe zones are within the confines of the taped off islands. If they step out, they must go back an island.

The first team to reach shore wins or simply race against the clock and have teams cheer each other on!


The best way I’ve seen the game work is to have one team member be pushed out into the “water” toward the next island and then scoot the rest of the way. Once they are there, they must push the dolly back to the others.

The next person takes the rope with them as they are pushed out into the water. They then toss the rope to the person on the island and they are pulled to safety. The dolly and rope are then sent back (or just the dolly if the person on the island wants to toss the rope) to the beginning.

If your team has a creative work around, let them go with it. It’s all about teamwork!


1. If you have limited space, just use one island. If you have more space, you can add one additional island that is super small. This makes the game far more difficult, but it definitely increases the strategy needed.

2. If you want to mix it up, you can add bonus islands with random items that they can use. Let them pick one thing that will help them speed up the process. If you do this, make sure that it is far away so they have to weigh whether or not it’s worth it. Suggested items are a 3′ rope, hula hoop, skateboard, life preserver ring, etc.

3. Award the winning team a life preserver ring and have them sign it as the champions. Hang it somewhere for everyone to see.

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Lemon Launcher

Lemon LauncherI’ll admit it, some games are just more fun than others. Lemon Launcher is one of those games!

Get your group together and get ready for some high-flying lemon madness.

PREP TIME – Varies (0-5 minutes)

ITEMS NEEDEDWater Balloon Launcher (individual or larger), lots of Lemons!, Targets (optional)

GAME TIME – 20-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Varies (individual for single launcher, 3 for larger launchers)


Lemon Launcher is an awesome game that your group is sure to get into. You will need to find a large, open area (a field or empty parking lot work great) before you start. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR OF ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DAMAGED.

If you are short on space, consider using a softer, more airy item to shorten the field. Tennis balls are a great alternative. They still fly far, but carry far less impact.

You can play a couple different ways:

Target Practice

Set up targets for teams to try and hit. We recommend large chalk circles on the ground if you’re on the blacktop. If you are in a field, use string/yarn/rope to set up some areas on the ground. You can also have upright targets that they can try to hit as well.

Give teams 10 lemons and 2-3 minutes. Whoever racks up the most points wins!

Long Distance

My favorite is just going for distance. It’s amazing how far a lemon can travel! If playing with individuals, give them 3 attempts. If teams (two holders and one launcher), give them 5. You get far more distance with teams, though the execution takes a couple of tries to perfect.


1. Have them label or draw on their lemons so you know which ones belong to who. Have a few Sharpies on hand to make marking them simple.

2. If you have a large group, have a few extra water balloon launchers on hand. You can stagger launches and get through more in a shorter amount of time.

3. You will probably need more lemons than you think. If you play in a field, some may be reusable, but groups usually get pretty intense and they want to keep going.

4. We already mentioned it, but it is worth restating, make sure you are clear of anything that could be damaged. You can also play with softer items if you are short on space. They generally travel less distance and the impact won’t be significant.

5. This game is great for a short Vine or Instagram video. Make sure to get some videos and pictures and tag your group!

6. Award Lemonheads or fresh cup of lemonade to the winners!

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