Get our Top 25 Christmas Games today!

Top 25 Christmas GamesChristmas is almost here, but we’ve got you covered with our Top 25 Christmas Games! You’ll find plenty of games to make your Christmas gathering, party or event a hit. Everything from relay races and team activities to fun up-front games and trivia. Check out our Top 25 Christmas Games, get your game on, and have a very Merry Christmas!!


A simple fast-paced relay game involving the 12 Days of Christmas. Get some paper & bottles (buckets or cans work as well) and you’re ready to go!


If you’re looking for something different, this is the perfect game for your group! Use our awkward Christmas photos and head out to reenact them with random people. Trust us, hilarity is sure to ensue!


A fun up-front game or one that everyone can participate in. Pantyhose, balloons and a frantic race are a great recipe for laughter and fun for everyone.


This team game gets people working together to see just how many candy canes they get connected in 60 seconds or less. Be careful not to snap those candy canes if your team wants to win this one!


Work together to put Christmas Songs back in order with Hershey Kisses. Super simple and super fun for everyone!


Head outside for an exciting hunt for some common and unique Christmas items. Find enough of them fast enough and your team may just wind up winning!


See how well your group can act out some Christmas Classics. Creativity & quickness are key if you are to be victorious.


Test your useless Christmas knowledge with this great trivia game. Everything is on PowerPoint, so all you have to do is upload and play!


It may or may not be snowing where you are, but this game is sure to get one of your team members covered in white. Pick up some duct tape and cotton balls and you’re ready to roll!


One of our most creative games involves Rice Krispies Treats and a whole lot of imagination. See what creations your groups can come up with- they may just shock you with what they craft.


Are you a Christmas Movie buff? Put your knowledge to the test with our downloadable PowerPoint game.


You’ve got a problem and someone else has a solution. Put these comical situations together and get ready to for a good laugh!


Need a little chaos? Then get your group up and moving with this awesome relay that everyone will enjoy. Make sure to be videoing this one- it will be an instant classic!


Want to say thank you to your team or group? Or maybe you just want to watch people go crazy for some prizes. Either way, this is one of the most intense and fun games on the list. Get some prizes and watch people go wild!


Decorating a tree is a lot of fun, but decorating a person is even better! Do your best, or worst, decorating job and see who comes out on top.

Minute To Win It Games

Select one or play multiple Christmas Minute To Win It Games. These are great to play, but also a ton of fun to watch!

#1 Deck The Balls

#2 Merry Fishmas

#3 Christmas Jingle

#4 Christmas In The Balance

#5 Christmas Cliffhanger

#6 Jingle In The Trunk

#7 Face The Gingerbread Man

#8 Wreath Relay

#9 Lollipop

#10 Christmas Ball

Bonus Game: Holiday Kiss

There you have it, our Top 25 Christmas Games that your group is sure to enjoy!

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Candy Cane Connection

Candy Cane ConnectionCandy Cane Connection is the game that combines finesse, speed and best yet, mini candy canes! Seriously, what’s better than one candy cane? How about 50 miniature ones!


ITEMS NEEDEDMini Candy Canes, Upbeat Christmas Song

GAME TIME – 2-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 2-5 Teams of 5 (or more!)


This game is a fantastic one to highlight teamwork and creativity. Each team is given a minimum of 50 miniature candy canes. You can unwrap them or leave them wrapped. If you choose to leave them wrapped, I recommend giving them each a bonus minute to unwrap them before the game begins.

Once the mini candy canes are unwrapped, explain to each team that they are to see how many of those candy canes they can hook together in 60 seconds. The team with the most candy canes connected at the end of the 60 seconds is the winner!

It sounds easy, but the candy canes will break if too much pressure is applied, so teams that can combine finesse and speed will win. Whoever has the most candy canes on their chain at the end of sixty seconds wins!

Note: Some people were asking for a picture to clarify. Here is one sent in from Gloria Halfacre and her group. As you can see, they are connected together and we’ve seen off shoots on these as well. In 60 seconds, most groups will get 15 or so connected, but we’ve seen 30+! Let us know how many you get!

Candy Canes - Gloria Halfacre


1. Play some fun Christmas music to enhance the atmosphere.

2. Check to make sure candy canes aren’t broken before handing out to teams.

3. Play the game up front or involve everyone. Either way, it’s a great win!

4. Take some pics and video to put on social media. Go live during the action to share the fun with friends.

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$3 in 3 (minutes)

Looking for a fun way to mix it up? We’ve got you covered with our brand new game, $3 in 3 (minutes).

The game requires a bit of leg work ahead of time, but the game itself is super simple and an absolute blast!

PREP TIME – 30-60 minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – $3 per contestant & a trip to the store

GAME TIME – Video time (2-3 minutes) + 1 minute per contestant

PARTICIPANTS – 3 or 4 (you can do more, but 3-4 is the sweet spot)


Before you meet with your group, pick a day to take your contestants to the store. Tell them that they will be given $3 to shop for one of the other contestants (you can pick randomly or assign them another person). The catch is that they only have 3 minutes to pick whatever they can find.

We just played with our kids and they loved it! Check out the video here from our Life of Five Channel: $3 in 3

Let them know that they can not tell anyone what they got and not to share with the others who they were shopping for. We went to the Dollar Tree, so I just went in with them and filmed them on my cell phone. You can do the filming if you want or bring someone to do it for you. Once you have all the footage, select about 30 seconds per contestant, edit it together (several apps like iMovie will do this easily if you’re not an editing wizard) and slap our graphic on the front of the video and you’re good to go.

We recommend that you explain the game on camera before they all go in so you can just roll the video. The trick is to not show what everyone got, just what they looked at since everyone will see the video first. Then move to your reveal in person by bringing everyone up front with their item(s).

Our kids bought each other things they like, but for your game they can purchase things that will get a laugh. Have fun with it and let them get creative!

Special Credit to Cody Fort, who helped shape the game idea.



1. Put some music in the background of the video to keep it entertaining and engaging.

2. Get creative! Shop at Goodwill or a local thrift store.

3. Make it even bigger! Do $10 in 10 or $20 in $20, or $100 in… well, that might be too much.

4. Tease the video on social media if you have a fun event or share it after you’re done. Remember to catch the reveal if you’re doing it after.

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antler-upAntler Up is a fun new Christmas game that you can play today! With some pantyhose, balloons, and a little lung power, you’ll be on your way!


ITEMS NEEDED – Panty Hose & 20 Balloons per team

GAME TIME – 3-5 minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 2-4 per team, play with as many teams as you want


We love games that are high energy and impact with little preparation, and Antler Up falls into this category!

Before you begin, pick up your materials (pantyhose & balloons) and set them out for each team to grab. Once you’ve assembled teams, simply explain that they will be constructing reindeer antlers using the balloons and pantyhose in front of them.

To do so, they will blow up the balloons and stuff them into the pantyhose. The catch is that they only have 3 minutes to do so (you can give them longer if you feel necessary). You can then either award the winner based upon who completely fills up the pantyhose legs first or judge based upon who you think has the best antlers.

Oh yeah! They need to put the antlers on one of the team members heads for it to be complete. It’s a ton of fun and you’ll get plenty of laughs out of Antlers Up!


1. Play some upbeat Christmas music. We suggest Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry- it’s about 3 minutes long.

2. The “antlers” work better if you stuff smaller balloons in at the ends and get bigger as you move along. Of course, the design is up to the competitors!

3. Use Christmas colors for balloons.

4. Take plenty of pics and video and share on social media.

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Bust A Move

Bust A MoveBust A Move is an awesomely fun and hilarious group game that is guaranteed to be a hit at your next party or gathering. If you you’ve ever played the Simon Says electronic game, you know that they test your mental quickness and memory. Bust A Move is similar, except instead of touching colored panels, players will have to repeat dance moves!

PREP TIME – 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Timer (5 second timer or someone with a stop watch)

GAME TIME – 5-15 minutes (depends on size of group)

PARTICIPANTS – 10 (minimum of 5 to start, but can do more than 10)


Before you begin, write down some simple dance moves on pieces of paper and distribute one to each player. Make sure that they don’t look at each other’s, as that will give them an advantage. You will distribute the papers after each round, so just gather them up and hand them out each time.

Bust A Move begins with everyone standing in a circle. Select someone to start and have them perform the dance move on the paper (if you don’t think people will know the moves, you can demonstrate each one before you begin). After they perform the move, the next person in line will repeat the first dance move and then the one on their paper. This goes on, each person repeating every dance move, until someone either forgets, performs a move out of order or runs out of time (5 seconds).

When a round ends, the person who made the mistake is eliminated. You will then work down to two people, who will have to take multiple sheets of paper and perform the moves against each other until one finally makes a mistake. The remaining dancer is named the winner.

It looks something like this…

  • Dancer 1 – Whip
  • Dancer 2 – Whip, Superman
  • Dancer 3 – Whip, Superman, The Worm
  • Dancer 4 – Whip, Superman, The Worm, Sprinkler
  • Dancer 5 – Whip, Superman, The Worm, Sprinkler, Robot

When you are down to two dancers…

  • Dancer 1 – Moonwalk
  • Dancer 2 – Moonwalk, Spin
  • Dancer 1 – Moonwalk, Spin. Kick
  • Dancer 2 – Moonwalk, Spin. Kick, Twist
  • Dancer 1 – Moonwalk, Spin. Kick, Twist, Lawnmower

Some other dance moves could be…

  • The Swim
  • Chicken Dance
  • Dougie
  • Cabbage Patch
  • Yule
  • And a million others!

Feel free to use them all or just a few. You can reuse dances if you have a large group. The challenge of the game is remembering the moves. Don’t get to caught up in excellent execution. Let you group have fun and give them permission to laugh with one another!

Epic Dance Battle Tournament

If you have a really large group, break into multiple groups and let your best dancers compete in a super group in front of everyone!


1. Get some great upbeat dance songs and play them during the game.

2. This is also a great up front game if you know you have some great dancers in your group. You might be shocked by how awesome some people are!

3. Find a fun trophy or award an iTunes gift card to the winner so they can go get some more great tunes to dance to!

4. Take pics and video. This is great for SnapChat or Instagram Stories!

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