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Minute To Win It LogoWe just wrapped up our Top 20 Minute To Win It Games Countdown. In case you missed some of the games, here’s the entire list:

#1- Mad Dog

#2- Card Ninja

#3- Nosedive

#4- Sticky Situation

#5- Pink Elephant

#6- Hut, Hut, Hike!

#7- Bobblehead

#8- Chocolate Unicorn

#9- Movin’ On Up

#10- Ka’ Broom!

#11- Rapid Fire

#12- Matchmaker

#13- Junk In The Trunk

#14- Stack Attack

#15- Bite Me

#16- Iron Board Man

#17- Spudnick

#18- Defying Gravity

#19- This Blows (includes 3 timers for your games)

#20- Candelier (also reveals how we ranked the games)

There it is, our Top 20 Minute To Win It Games!

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It’s finally here, our #1 Minute To Win It game! We ranked Mad Dog #1 using our four criteria: Visual Appeal, Simplicity of Set-Up, Difficulty of Game & Fun Factor. This game checks the mark at all the right places. While the game is wildly entertaining, it is also quite simple to set up, but not to difficult to play. We recently played the game, and it was great!

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 Nosedive come in at #3 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It Countdown list. I’ve seen this game played on multiple occasions and it always gets the crowd going. It’s a super simple concept, easy to set-up and tons of fun!

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Ranking #8 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It game list is Chocolate Unicorn. First off, it has one of the greatest names of any of the games, and secondly, it’s an exciting watch. Believe it or not, this game is fairly difficult and take a good amount of patience, balance and skill. Make sure you choose participants who encompass some of those things if you want them to win.

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Coming in at #10 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It Countdown is Ka-Broom! Ka-Broom cracked our Top 10 by being different, fun, simple to play and extremely fun to watch. As is true with a few of the other games on our list, it’s easy to understand and  everyone thinks they could succeed at this game.

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Coming in at #11 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It Countdown is Rapid Fire. This game’s strongest asset is that just about every person is familiar with this type of game and it has a bit of a nostalgic feeling to it, not to mention that’s really fun to play and watch.

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If you have a need for speed, this is the game for you. Coming in at #14 on our Minute to Win It Top 20 Countdown is Stack Attack.

Stack Attack scored high because it is visually appealing, easy to understand and fun to play and watch. The great part of the game is that almost anyone can play the game, and even if they can’t, everyone thinks they can!

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