Black Friday & Youth Ministry

We hope you are preparing to have an amazing Thanksgiving. If you are like me, you will probably overeat, watch some football and take a nap. After all of this, I hope you feel rejuvenated enough to hit the stores with those crazy people… people like me.

This  article does not directly involve gaming, but it is about efficiency and productivity. In ministry, most of us have to be frugal, and at very least, we should be good stewards of the resources God has given us. The reason most of us overpay for anything is because we don’t plan ahead- in other words, we pay for convenience.

Been to a convenient store lately? Other than fountain drinks and week old hot dogs, everything is overpriced. The only reason they can make any sales is because people crave quick and easy.

In ministry, plan your events. Plan your games. Even plan your shopping. Every time we have a retreat, I shop ads. If you have a big event, look for deals. You can’t always find big savings, but sometimes you can, and even little savings throughout a year add up.

We recently had a game night at our church for our students that involved renting giant Sumo Suits. I was able to save $150 by simply scanning Craigslist for three minutes. That’s huge when it comes to budgeting in ministry!

So in honor of Black Friday, look for some deals. Check online retailers like Amazon. Pick up a newspaper. Use ebayCraigslist and even OfferUp. Borrow from people in your church. Bottom line: be responsible and resourceful.

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