Two Heads Are Better Than One (aka two-headed tee)

Today’s game is Two Heads Are Better Than One, also known as Two-Headed Tee. It’s a great game to cool down and get the crowd going!

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes


GAME TIME – 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 2 Participants per Shirt


This game takes a little bit of preparation, but it is well worth it. Once you have your XXL Shirts, soak them in water, fold them up nicely and put them in the freezer. I recommend putting them on a tray with wax paper to divide them- this way you won’t have to wrestle with the shirts to pull them apart. Allow the shirts at least 5 hours to get nice and icy.

Pull the shirts out a few minutes before the game to ensure they are ready. At this point the game is quite simple. Call up two-person teams to play the game. The objective is to get the frigid shirt open enough so that both participants can stick their heads through the top at the same time. Each participant will also need have one arm through at least one side of the shirt as well.

Once you have a winner, award a prize for this amazing feat!


1. Since many people will be watching this game, make sure to have some music on in the background and someone who can give a humorous commentary on what is taking place.

2. This is a good game to cherry-pick participants. Pair two huge guys or two tiny girls together. It’s hard for the guys because of their size, it’s a challenge to the girls because of their lack of strength.

3. I recommend XXL Shirts, but if you feel like making a bit more challenging (and you don’t care about the shirts), use Smalls or Mediums.

We just played this game recently and it was hilarious seeing to big guys getting into a frozen t-shirt together! I know that this game will be a hit for you as well!

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