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We hope that you’re taking it easy and celebrating with family and friends this Christmas Eve. In today’s Monday Minute, we take a look at the power of a team.

In ministry, it’s easy to get so caught up in your numerous endeavors, that we forget to stop and celebrate the successes with the people who help make them a reality. If you are a part of a healthy ministry, it is because you understand the value of getting others involved and recognize that a “do it all” mentality is foolish.

I recently read an article by Aaron Helman that said forty percent of youth pastors are suffering from burnout. Interestingly enough, ninety percent of those youth pastors are classified as workaholics. What it tells me is that too many youth pastors are trying to do it all by themselves. I understand that finding good help can be a challenge at times, but it’s certainly not impossible. I firmly believe that God not only calls us, but also equips us with the tools we need to be successful in His eyes.

There are times in any ministry where we must take an honest inventory of our lives. Are we getting others involved? Are we even giving others a chance to help or do we dismiss them because they struggle initially? While this is not always the case, it is too often the case. We think working more equals working harder. It’s just not true. Ministry was never meant to be a solo performance. True ministry, even in the case of Jesus, involved others. Being a part of a successful ministry is understanding that you need help and being willing to help train, equip and communicate your God-given vision to others so that they can help you accomplish your goal.

This Christmas season, take some time to call, text, Facebook or Tweet to and about your awesome leaders. Thank them and celebrate this year’s successes. Laugh about your failures and make sure to heap praise on them. You may appreciate them, but make sure they know you do!

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