Scavenger Hunt Madness

Looking for a great event for your calendar or maybe an overnight outing? Look no further than to a good old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt.

Over the past two days, we shared The Amazing Race & Food Fight. Both of these are great events, but both are incredibly labor intensive. Because of that, we want to share with you an event that is just as much fun, but much easier to put together.

All you really need for one of these Scavenger Hunts are drivers, participants and a list of items. Teams can vary a bit in size if necessary since larger teams really don’t have an inherit advantage, though I recommend having teams between 3-6 students.

Here are a couple of lists of items, pics & video ideas that we’ve used over the past couple years:

Scavenger Hunt 1

Scavenger Hunt 2


1. Incorporate local landmarks into your hunt to give it a personal touch.

2. If you’re stumped on items (or you just want more), take a few minutes to scour the internet. I guarantee you’ll find some creative ideas.

3. Have a themed scavenger hunt or you can even specialize a scavenger hunt for a weekend retreat.

4. To make sure people are back on time, dock points after a set amount of time (like 5 per minute). You can also set up a spreadsheet with all the items and teams so you can quickly calculate every teams scores.

5. Give teams long enough to search. I give them about 4 hours. You want it to be challenging and fun.

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