Monday Minute: Worst Game Ever – Ice Ice Baby

Have you ever whiffed on a game? I have… lots of times. I’m here today to tell you it is okay.

One of my worst game ideas was when I bought four blocks of ice and set them right in front of the stage. I selected four students and said that they had to sit on the block “as long as they could” without freezing. The game had the cool name of “Ice Ice Baby”.

Here’s the problem: they didn’t freeze. In fact, I ran through the announcements and stalled for a couple of minutes, praying that hypothermia would set in so someone would bow out, but it didn’t happen. We just sat there for what felt like eternity, watching four students sit on blocks of ice.

I can’t explain to you why I though this game was a good idea, but it happened. I’m so glad that God not only forgives, but that He forgets, because that game was so bad it was a sin.

But the point of this post isn’t to tell you about my terrible gaming moments, it’s to remind you that when you try new things, you will occasionally fail. On the other hand, if you never fail, you are probably playing things too safe. That’s not just for games, that is true in life as well.

Failure is a necessary part of growth. Not only does it teach us to persevere and persist, but it can also serve as a great motivator if we allow it to.

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