Monday Minute: Are Games Necessary in Student Ministry?

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? What about when it comes to games? Are they even necessary?

Today I want to share why I believe that games enhance student ministry.

1. Games Can Facilitate Relationship

Notice that I said “can”. Games, just like anything else, guarantee nothing. We are not an infomercial that makes promises that every game is going to be some great benefit for your group or you get you money back. However, games give an opportunity for students to foster new and healthier relationships if placed in the proper environment.

Our motto is: “Play. Laugh. Connect.” That’s what we believe games have the potential to do. As discussed in earlier blogs, you have a great deal to do with this. You can’t be so into a game that you sacrifice relationships just to get a “W”- don’t be the crazy parent at a softball game that is WAY too into it!

Games create moments. Even the worst of games develop a bond among those who were there. You hear things like, “remember when” or “I can’t believe we did that!”. Those are moments that we share in, moments that we remember not just as an individual, but as a group.

2. Games Reveal Needs

If you are paying attention, games can reveal a lot. You see if kids are willing to interact, how they interact, who leads, who sits to the side, who perks up, who doesn’t care, etc.

I find that it’s easy to find who your leaders are by placing them in a group game, especially if it involves a difficult task. You see who motivates and who gives up. It can be incredibly revealing.

On the flip side, if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, I believe He will reveal to you who might be hurting or someone who might need some encouragement.

You can also find that diamond in the rough so to speak. That student that flourishes when you would have never expected it. Maybe they are normally shy and reserved, but when you put them in front of a crowd they come alive.

Games can be a tremendous blessing to students and leaders if we are willing to use them the right way. Look for opportunities to foster new relationships and strengthen others. Keep a look out for the deeper things beyond the game. And most of all, love and have fun with your students!

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