Tip of the Day – Take a Test Drive

Thursday’s Tip of the Day encourages you to Take a Test Drive with your games. I must admit, I frequently break this rule and it has come back to bite me on numerous occasions.

Doing a brief run through of your game does a few things:

1. It Eliminates Duds

When you test drive a game, you see if the game actually has an engine to run. If it doesn’t ignite or is overly complicated from the get go, it’s time to find a new game.

One other thing to add here- don’t insist on charging ahead because you like the game. If everyone you run through it with is confused or thinks it’s lame, then swallow your pride and spare your students by walking away from the deal!

2. It Expedites the Process

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life, repetition helps make things better. If you walk in to purchase a car, you can look at every nook and cranny (yes, I just said “nook and cranny”), but the real peace of mind comes from taking that bad boy out on the road.

When you’re satisfied that the car is in peak performance, then you’re ready to move the deal along. The same holds true for games. The more comfortable you are with a game relays a confidence to those who are watching.

3. It Improves Your Experience

I can’t tell you how many games I’ve run through that we have either tweaked or seen morph into an entirely new game. That’s the beauty of creativity and a little teamwork.

When you test drive a car, you’re not only looking for what you like, but you’re also looking for what additional features you’d like to add. When you run through games you might have a single disc player, but somebody upgrades it to six-disc changer. You’ll never know what could be unless you try it out.

Take your games for a spin each week and I can personally guarantee that you’ll see marked improvement!

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