Tip of the Day – What It Takes To Be A Game Changer

Games can be tricky. That’s one of the reasons we offer gaming tips and not just a list of games on our blog. I realize that more people visit for the games, but my hope is that we can also help leaders become better at incorporating fun and relevant games into their meetings. In this Thursday’s Tip of the Day, we will be discussing What It Takes To Be A Game Changer.

There’s nothing worse than playing a game just to play a game- especially if it stinks. What leader wants to consistently spend time digging out of the funk that was created because of a bad game?

Ministry is moved by momentum. I constantly preach about flow to our ministry team. Ideally, you want their to be a steady stream that leads us closer to God’s presence. In a gathering, most churches do this through singing praise and worship songs, as well as the preaching of a message. My challenge to you is to find out how games can actually enhance your ministry.

We all have seen how poorly planned or executed games dam up that stream, just as prolonged announcements, poor musical transitions and unprepared preachers do. On the flip side, think of how much energy a great game can create.

If you are using games as filler, my advice to you is simple, get rid of them. Don’t do games unless you’re willing to work hard to make them a game changer. Put some real effort into them, or find someone who will if you’re not able to. Having great games is not impossible, but it will require you to be creative, work on the presentation and it helps to have FUN!

The beauty about games is that they don’t need to be long (and usually shouldn’t be) to create a real energy that leads to a better overall flow. So take some time to evaluate your games today. What can you do to make your games a real game changer?

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