Social Media Mash Up

Hope you are all having a fantastic week! Tuesday’s Game of the Week comes courtesy of a fellow youth pastor, Devin League.

Social Media Mash Up incorporates quotes posted on social media sites, to turn it into an exciting game.

PREP TIME – 10-30 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Online Accessibility, Social Media Accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes



To play, you will need to log onto Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites to gather quotes from your students and/or leaders. Make sure to select interesting, unique or funny quotes that they posted (Twitter is best for quotes because quotes are plentiful and succinct, Instagram is best for pics). You will then see if your students can correctly pair the person to the quote.

Once you’ve gathered enough quotes (we recommend twelve so that you have one for a sample, ten for the game and one for the tie-breaker), you can start the process. What I love about this game is that there are so many angles in which you can play.

First of all, you’ll need to decide how you want to display the quotes, or if you want to display them at all. A PowerPoint type presentation is best if available, otherwise you can put the quotes on paper, or simply read them out loud to the group.

Once you’ve settled on how to display the items, you need to figure out how you want to play. Here’s a few options:

Option 1– Create a pool of people to choose from and make a multiple choice selection, with three or four options. This works best for larger groups, as it narrows down the field that might otherwise be impossible in a group of 50+ people.

Option 2– Give a list of names with a list of quotes and have them match the quote to the appropriate name. This works best for medium size to small groups that know each other well.

Option 3– Let them guess who said it without any choices to narrow it down. This works best for smaller groups, as you may not have enough people to fill up all your multiple choice options in the earlier example.

Each way has its pros, so choose what fits you.


1. Incorporate graphics into your presentation to make it look sharp.

2. If you want to narrow down the game to a specific social media site, you can call it a different name. For example, “Who Tweeted It?” or “Face Off” would work for Twitter and Facebook.

3. This game doesn’t have to use quotes. You can include pictures via FB, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or other sites and play, “Who Took It?”.

Honestly, you can do a ton more with this game, so let your imagination take over.

If you have more ideas or spinoffs, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter @stumingames.

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