Covered in Cotton

Today’s Wild Game is Covered in Cotton. This is a simple game that involves one of man’s best friends… duct tape!

ITEMS NEEDED – 1 Roll of Duct Tape & 100 Cotton Balls per team (you decide how many)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 3-10 Participants Per Team


This is a super simple and incredibly fun game to play with students. Once you’ve purchased the duct tape and cotton balls, select your teams. Explain to them that they will need to choose a “wrappee”, and that everyone else will be “wrappers”. Once they’ve selected someone, they will then wrap the “wrappee” in duct tape (give them 1-2 minutes) with the sticky side out.

Once the duct tape is on, have participants line up in a single file line, starting 3 feet (taping lines to stand behind helps tremendously) from the “wrappee”. Give them 2-3 minutes to toss cotton balls on the tape.

Participants are only allowed to throw one cotton ball at a time, otherwise you’re game will be over in a few seconds! Once time has expired or everyone has used up all their cotton balls, have a leader count how many stuck for each team. Whoever has the most wins!


1. Take lots of pictures, especially when the game is over and everyone is covered in cotton balls. Post them and tag your students on Facebook so everyone can see! If you have a video person, make sure they capture the wrapping of the participants as well.

2. If you make this an up front game, make sure that the participants are standing sideways, allowing the audience to see.

3. Make sure to have some upbeat music on during the game.

4. Award a prize to the winning team. I suggest unrolling and wadding up a roll of duct tape- simple and beautiful.

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