Thursday’s Tip of the Day – To Tell The Truth?

Do you like being lied to? I seriously doubt it (if you do, then you have some issues!), but for some reason we all seem to struggle with the truth at times. It’s not that we don’t know it, it’s just that we don’t always like how it sounds, how it makes us look, or how it makes us feel. Our answer… make up something better.

We live in an age where lies are commonplace. It wasn’t that long ago that a Congressman blamed hackers for his own actions. It’s not just politicians though. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o have had spats with truth-telling as well. Unfortunately, even ministers are not exempt from this plague.

The reality is that we often justify our actions, labeling them as noble and virtuous. As if deceit were some great character trait to be admired. We excuse our lies as a necessary evil in the midst of a difficult world. The bottom line is that we are afraid to confront the truth that we have created, so we cover it up in hopes that no one will ever find out.

When I was a freshman in High School, a few of my friends and I were caught cheating on a test. At first, we denied what was clearly obvious, but as time went on, our lie started unraveling. We couldn’t produce plausible answers because we were all making up stories on our own. Eventually, we owned up to it and took the punishment.

That’s the thing about lying- it never ends with one lie. Lies breed other lies. Give them a little room and all of a sudden they start multiplying like gremlins in water.

My advice to you is to do what you know you should do: tell the truth. As one saying goes, “tell the truth and shame the devil”.

Honesty is rarely the easiest route, but it’s always the most honorable one. If you need to face the music, do it now, because the band never gets quieter by waiting.

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