I Love You!

In honor of a special day on February 14th, we will be presenting games with a Valentine’s Day theme. Our game for today is simply entitled, I Love You!



GAME TIME– 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone (minimum of 8)


Each individual must first choose (or be assigned) a partner. After this is done have them gaze into one another’s eyes until they feel awkward and uncomfortable. At that time, they must say the words, “I Love You”. They can say them in any way and as many times as they want, but they can only use those three words. The first person to crack a smile, loses.

It’s that simple. After a winner from each round is awarded, pair up the winners and continue until you have one person standing.

NOTE: You may have an odd number of participants if you play with everyone. In that scenario, try to work it down to 16, 8, 4 & eventually 2. This will probably mean a few people will have to play an extra round at some point.


1. I suggest pairing the same sex to begin and then slowly begin to intermingle them together. This allows you to have a more even amount of each sex as you wind down the game.

2. Have a tie-breaker ready. You may end up with a few cold-stone faces as you finish the game up. Things like whose birthday is closer to Valentine’s Day or who can make you smile the fastest.

3. Have a few leaders or older students be judges as the game continues. This will expedite things and clear up any discrepancies.

4. Pick up a giant Hershey Kiss or another Valentine’s themed gift for the winner!

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