Time To Unwind

Time to Unwind is one of our first games. It’s an easy game with no set up or prep. Just make sure you have some space and a bit of time and you’re ready to go.



GAME TIME– 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS- Everyone- Divide into teams of 6-8


This is an awesome game to play, but also a lot of fun to watch. Have each team gather together in a circle. Once they are in place, instruct them to take the hand of somebody across from them, but not next to them (this is important, the game will not work if they take the hand of the person next to them- it will create two circles). Not only can they not take the hand of the person next to them, but they cannot link both of their hands with the same person (creates the same, aforementioned problem).

Before you have them begin, make sure to remind them that if anyone lets go of someone’s hand, they must start over. This will discourage teams from releasing hands for convenience sake.

Once they have all successfully joined hands, tell them that it’s “time to unwind”. Then watch the madness ensue!


1. While this game is a lot of fun, it can also be a great teaching tool. Talk to your groups about the importance of planning, communication, and the ability to improvise, as all are vital in this game.

2. If someone gets it right away, then make it a timed race and tell them that whoever can unwind successfully the most times in a an allotted period of time wins.

3. You can go bigger with this game, but it gets pretty complicated. We once did it with about 50 people and it was crazy! (keep in mind that you may have multiple groups that come out of the original group if you go above 8)

4. I suggest practicing this with your leaders one time beforehand so they can see exactly how it works- plus it’s kind of fun!

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