Big Mac Attack

Happy Wednesday to you all. Today’s game is entitled, Big Mac Attack. I usually don’t go too high on the gross factor, but today’s game is the exception to the rule!

PREP TIME– 15-20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 4 Big Macs (with condiments on the side), Table(s), Tarp & Rags to clean up with

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 2 (you can also play this game with individual instead of teams)


At some point today, most of you will pass a McDonald’s. Since you’re already doing so, why not swing through the drive thru and pick up four tasty Big Macs for a fun game- just remember to ask for the condiments on the side (if you explain to them why you need them on the side, trust me, they’ll do it!).

Take  your juicy burgers with you and set up your table(s), place a tarp on them. (Note: make sure that the participants can be seen- you my need to put them on a platform for this game)

Next, you will need to set your burgers out piece by piece, almost like an assembly line. You might know the jingle, “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun!”

Once you’ve separated all your ingredients, select your teams (or individuals) and have them assemble a Big Mac and eat it. But here’s the catch, they must assemble the Big Mac without using their hands! They can, however, eat the Big Mac using their hands.

When you feel they have adequately made their burger, they, or a team mate can then start to chow down on this Big Mac beauty. First team done, wins!


1. Have the towels nearby so that contestants can clean up quickly and easily after assembling the burger.

2. Award McDonald’s Gift Cards to the winner(s) of the contest.

3. Put on some music to get the crowd and contestants pumped up.

4. If you want to speed the game up, add more eaters to each team. It ups the grossness factor slightly and saves a little time!

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