Can You Pass Me That?

Today, I’ll be sharing one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played in 15+ years of student ministry, called Can You Pass Me That?. Admittingly, this game is not for everyone and you need to exercise some wisdom because you know your students, parents and pastors best! Thankfully, we have multiple versions that are plenty easy to adapt for anyone.

Can You Pass Me That? is a relay game involving chicken nuggets. We actually used it for our Fast Food themed Invite Night, but you can use it as a stand alone game as well.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– One 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets Per Team

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes



Once you have your teams separated, have them stand in a single file line facing the front of the room. You will then need to place a box of chicken nuggets on the floor in front of the person leading the line. You will also need to have small bowl on the ground behind the last person in line.

When everyone is situated instruct them that they must simply take the chicken nuggets and pass one at a time from front to back… while passing them with their mouth/teeth (as shown in the picture above). The goal is to get as many of the nuggets as possible from the box in front to the bowl in back in two minutes.


1. If you don’t think your group will go for this, you can also have each person (one at a time) run to the front, grab a chicken nugget, and then drop it in the bowl in back. Once they’re done, have them sit down. The first team to empty out their box wins.

2. Instead of using their teeth, just instruct them to not use their hands or designate a way to pass them (elbows or feet are great!).


1. Modify the game using other items. For instance, you could use marshmallow Peeps for Easter.

2. If you choose to play the original version, you will need to let certain people sit out who are uncomfortable with the game. Remember, you know your group best, so play the version that will be most appropriate for your group.

3. Limit teams to 20 people, otherwise your lines will go on forever. I also recommend a minimum of 5 people per team as well.

4. AWARD PRIZES! I say this often, but this game certainly warrants it. Give them gift cards to McDonalds or arrange a time to take the winning team out for Happy Meals. You’d be surprised how many teenagers get excited for that!!

5. Take lots of pictures. The picture in this post is from our actual event that took place a couple years ago. I still get people who comment on it today- and it can’t be too bad, both the guys in it are now at Bible College!

I hope you have a ton of fun with today’s game, and that it’s as memorable for you as it was for us!

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