Heart Breaker

In continuing with our Valentine’s Day theme, we present to you, Heart Breaker.

PREP TIME– 10-20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDHeart Balloons, String or Ribbon

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes



You will need to cut 6ft strips of ribbon or string for each participant. If you already have the balloons blown up (I recommend), tie them to one side of the string. Otherwise, you can have the participants blow them up and tie them, just keep in mind that it will add to your time.

At this point, each student will be handed a balloon, which they will need to attach to their ankle with the unused side of ribbon. Then the fun begins! Have them run around the room so that they can pop one another’s balloons. The last balloon standing wins!


1. Play in teams (using different colors). Have teams compete for a set amount of time. When time has expired, or only one team remains, declare your winner.

2. Use the game up front and tape off a small box for participants to stay in. Make sure the game is visible to the crowd if you decide to play this version since the balloons will be on the floor.


1. Award Valentine’s themed prizes for the individual or individuals who won.

2. Give two balloons to each participant (have them tie to each ankle) so that the game lasts a little longer.

3. Make sure to have a large enough area for participants to play. As the game progresses, shrink the boundaries so that the game will reach an end.

4. Don’t allow students to tie balloons against their ankles. Instruct them to leave some length on their string or rope, otherwise it gives them a significant advantage.

5. To save money, you can use regular balloons, just make sure they are red, pink or white. It also helps to have a few extra balloons in case they pop before you start.

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