Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #18 DEFYING GRAVITY

Coming in at #18 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It game list is a super simple game entitled, Defying Gravity.

Not only is this game simple, but it also ranks high on visual appeal and is more difficult than it may sound.



1) When the clock starts, player releases all 3 balloons into the air.

2) Player may not hold balloons, allow them to rest on the body, or hit the ground, or the game is over.

3) To complete the game, player must keep all balloons off the ground for 60 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1. It often helps to let the participants have a quick test run on throwing the balloons up. This just ensures that the game isn’t over in five seconds.

2. Choose contestants that are somewhat athletic and coordinated, otherwise the game won’t last long.

3. This is a great game to pit teams against each other, that way you can at least declare a winner based on time if neither team succeeds.

4. Make sure you have a large enough area for the participants to play. Make sure to remove any dangerous areas or items.

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