Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #1 – MAD DOG

Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown
#1 – Mad Dog

It’s finally here, our #1 Minute To Win It game! We ranked Mad Dog #1 using our four criteria: Visual Appeal, Simplicity of Set-Up, Difficulty of Game & Fun Factor. This game checks the mark at all the right places. While the game is wildly entertaining, it is also quite simple to set up, but not to difficult to play. We recently played the game, and it was great!

Mad Dog Materials

How to Play Mad Dog

1) Secure breath mint boxes to the ends of the ruler so they stand lengthwise.

2) Remove piece of the lid so that opening is unobstructed.

3) When the clock starts, player picks up the ruler with their mouth and begins to move their head in an attempt to empty both boxes of mints.

4) To complete the game, player must empty both mint boxes within the 60-second time limit.

Mad Dog Bonus Tips

1) If you use some of the larger Tic-Tac Boxes, make sure you place a very small strip of tape over the opening to ensure that the game is not too easy for the participants (but make sure they can still shake them out!), otherwise it will be over in a matter of seconds. A quick trial run will let you know if you’ve made it too easy or too hard.

2) Explain to participants that they can not turn their head upside down or sideways. They must shake them up and out.

3) Crown the winner the ultimate Mad Dog and give them a dog bone for their efforts!

4) Definitely take a video of this game and make sure to post it on Facebook! Tag all those who did it and watch the comments role in!

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