Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #10 KA-BROOM!

Coming in at #10 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It Countdown is Ka-Broom! Ka-Broom cracked our Top 10 by being different, fun, simple to play and extremely fun to watch. As is true with a few of the other games on our list, it’s easy to understand and ¬†everyone thinks they could succeed at this game.



1) Set up each plate so that it hangs halfway off the table with a marshmallow centered on the portion of the plate covering the table.

2) Create a foul line 7 feet from the plates.

3) When the clock starts, player places broom bristle side down, and releases the handle so it makes contact with the plate.

4) The marshmallow should catapult into the air and the player must attempt to catch it in the cup while at least 1 foot is behind the foul line.

5) If a player’s hand makes contact with a marshmallow, the attempt does not count.

6) To complete the game, player must catch 3 marshmallows so that they are in the cup concurrently within the 60-second time limit.

Alternate Version

1) Turn the game into a team event by simply having one person hold the cup and another drop the broom.

2) It simplifies things a bit and it’s great to watch multiple teams competing against one another. You will also need to increase the amount of marshmallows to declare a winner (5-7 works well).

Bonus Tips

1) This one can get a bit messy, so make sure to have garbage cans and a few sets of hands ready to pick up any of the aftermath.

2) Award a bag of marshmallows to the winner(s). Who doesn’t like marshamallows!?!

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