Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #12 MATCHMAKER

Who hasn’t wanted to play matchmaker before? Well, here’s your chance… kind of.

Matchmaker ranked #12 on our list of Minute To Win It games because it’s visually fun, exciting to play and challenging to complete. It’s also easily duplicated for multiple users or you can set the game up to establish the best time if you have multiple people play.



1) Randomly place each candy beneath an overturned cup at the center of the playing area.

2) Place each of the 3 glasses approximately 8′ away, each in a different direction from the center cups.

3) When the clock starts, player may lift the first cup and must then pick up the candy underneath and place it into 1 of the glasses.

4) If a player overturns more than 1 cup at a time, the game is over.

5) Small candies must be placed by color in each glass on each podium. Player may choose which glass contains which color.

6) If a player places candies of different colors in the same glass, the game is over.

7) To complete the game, the contestant must place all 18 small candies grouped 6-of-a-kind into the 3 glasses within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tips

1) Have some extra candy and cups in case something gets damaged or stepped on in the mad dash to put everything in place.

2) Do a quick test run to see if you have the table spread far enough or too far apart. It will only change the game by a few seconds, but that’s the difference between winning and losing.

3) Have someone doing a play by play on this game. While the crowd has a good idea of where things are at, it always helps to give them periodic updates within the game, especially as the game nears the end.

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