Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #4 – STICKY SITUATION

Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #4 – STICKY SITUATION

Today’s Minute To Win It Game is Sticky Situation. This a great game that takes a degree of skill and luck, all the while, incorporating some unusual components to make a fun and intense game. I admit that this game take a bit more time to set up, but it’s well worth the pay off!



1) Place the bread on the platform, 10′ from the foul line.

2) When the clock starts, player may begin to bounce 1 ping-pong ball at a time at the piece of bread.

3) If the player bounces 2 ping-pong balls at the same time, those ping-pong balls are void.

4) If the player crosses the foul line (use a piece of tape) during an attempt, that attempt is void.

5) To complete the game, player must release a ping-pong ball within the 60-second time limit so that it bounces at least once, then sticks to the peanut butter.

Bonus Tips

1) Create an atmosphere for this game. Play dramatic music. Bring down the lights. Do an over the top play-by-play of the game. You can even get a small spotlight to shine on the game.

2) As we recommend with almost every game on our list, have multiple contestants for the game. You can do so simultaneously, or one after the other.

3) Form 2 teams of 3 to compete against each other. stand them at the ends of the table and have them play against each other.

4) Remember to elevate this game. If you put it low, the game will be difficult to see and enjoy.

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