Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #5 – PINK ELEPHANT

I love this game because it’s extremely unique, creative, fun and simple (a theme that’s been running through our list). Keep in mind that this game is also much more difficult than it may sound.



1) Put on the headband.

2) Place 5 coils of the spring toy over and behind the headband so they rest between the headband and forehead.

3) Prior to game start, the body of the spring toy should be hanging in front of player’s face.

4) When the clock starts, player may move head and body in attempt to get the spring toy in the stacked position on his/her forehead.

5) To complete the game, player must flip the spring toy into the stacked position on his/her forehead, where it must remain for 3 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1) Don’t buy a metal slinky! There’s nothing like getting wacked in the eye by that!! For an extra layer of protection, have them where some safety goggles.

2) If you play a round robin style game, you may find that a few people can do the game relatively fast, so crown the person who accomplishes the task the most in a one minute span of time.

3) Use a colorful slinky and headband. It just adds to the effect of the game. You can also award a slinky to the winner!

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