Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #8 – CHOCOLATE UNICORN

Ranking #8 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It game list is Chocolate Unicorn. First off, it has one of the greatest names of any of the games, and secondly, it’s an exciting watch. Believe it or not, this game is fairly difficult and take a good amount of patience, balance and skill. Make sure you choose participants who encompass some of those things if you want them to win.


  • 7 Chocolate Snack Cakes (Ding-Dongs or a knock off)


1) When the clock starts, player may begin using 1 hand to stack snack cakes 1 at a time on the forehead.

2) If a cake or cakes fall, player may use the same hand to restack them.

3) To complete the game, player must stack 7 snack cakes 1 atop the other on the forehead within the 60-second time limit so the freestanding structure stays that way for 3 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1) Have a tarp underneath the players if you’re playing on carpet. After a few drops, you’ll wind up with a good amount of chocolate on the crumbs, and possibly some filling as well.

2) Have extra snack cakes in case some of the ones that fall are too severely damaged. The game is hard enough as is, so using cakes that are mangled makes it nearly impossible.

3) I highly recommend having multiple people playing at the same time. It’s relatively cheap and easy to do so for this game.

4) Award a box of snack cakes to the winner and throw out any extras you have left to the crowd- they always like that!

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