Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown #9 MOVIN’ ON UP

This simple and fun game is intense and easy to follow for anyone watching. We’ve played it on different occasions and it’s always a blast!



1) Set up the stack of cups so that there’s 1 red cup with 39 blue cups stacked on top of it.

2) When the clock starts, player may grab a single cup from the top of the stack and place it on the bottom of the stack.

3) Player must use 1 hand to grab each cup, and must alternate hands with each cup.

4) If more than 1 cup is removed at a time, player must place all cups that are outside of the stack back on top of the stack before continuing.

5) Player must play the game from a standing position.

6) To complete the game, the red cup must be placed on the bottom after traveling through the stack, and the stack must be held in 1 hand at the red cup within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tip

Award the ultimate cup stacker a cup trophy for their efforts!

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