Create An Infomercial

Today, I am sharing a game (if you want to call it that) that I’ve used several times throughout the years: Create An Infomercial. It’s fun and can be tailored as specifically as you want it.

I must admit that I’m a recovering infomercial junkie! I used to sit for way longer than I’d like to admit and watch commercials on how to get rich, tone my abs, and slice up food. Thankfully, I’ve been delivered from most of that… though I may or may not own a Shamwow.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

PREP TIME– 5-10 Minutes (don’t worry about spending too much time prepping for it)

ITEMS NEEDED– Anything! Find random items around your church, outside, in your car, wherever. Just pile it up and let students sift through it when they begin. Costumes work great!!

GAME TIME– 30-45 Minutes (give 20-30 minutes for prep and have each team present a 1-minute infomercial)

PARTICIPANTS–┬áTeams of 3-5 (don’t go too big or students will simply be left standing on the side w/o a role)


Once you’ve assembled the items, tell your students that they will be presenting humorous infomercials using the items provided.

Allow them to choose 1 or 2 items to feature as their infomercial item and then allow them to choose any costumes or other items they would like to incorporate into the skit.

Give them 20-30 minutes to come up with and practice their infomercial skit and then have them return to watch each other perform and then award a prize to the best infomercial.


1. Record the infomercials and post the best ones on FB & YouTube. We’ve seen some pretty creative and super hilarious infomercials/skits throughout the year.

2. Incorporate the infomercials into a message. For instance, one time, each team was given a fruit and had to devise an infomercial using that fruit and a certain fruit of the spirit.

3. Have a small panel of judges to rate the performances (be positive!). Give points for creativity, performance & involvement.

4. Use this to teach a lesson. Show how we often long for things we don’t need just because we’re told something is valuable. Compare that to the things that are truly valuable in life.

5. Help teams that are struggling. If you have enough leaders, let them get involved so that things can keep moving.

6. This is a great game for a retreat! They also have a little more time to think through things as well.

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