Friday’s Favorite – Creation Swap

Today’s Friday Favorite comes courtesy of Creation Swap. I stumbled upon Creation Swap several years ago when it went by the name CreativeMYK. Their site contains thousands of Christian based graphics and motion clips for you to use.

The site is a giant network of people who share their work through the site. It is loaded with all sorts of graphic art in different formats. While some can only be downloaded in a .jpeg or .gif format, many others are editable. This make it nice if you want to tailor it for your church or student ministry.

Creation Swap has a wide array of free and for sale items, but believe me, much of the free stuff is amazing! I’ve downloaded numerous graphics for our student ministries throughout the past several years, and it has saved me loads of time and tons of money.

One other feature that many might not realize is that you can also contact the artists. If you really like the work that one individual is putting out, don’t be afraid to shoot them an email if you have a more specialized request. I can’t guarantee that everyone one of them will be able to do it, but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful and kind.

So if you’re looking to find or maybe even share your graphics or mini-movies with others, take a few minutes to swing by Creation Swap.

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