Mmmm… That’s Delicious?

Today’s game is a bit gross if you ask me, but if you ask some students, they think it’s fun. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Our game centers around baby food.

Now I know that most of us have probably seen people play a version of this game before, but one big difference for us is that we don’t force people to play this one. If they want to join in, great, but don’t make it mandatory!

In fact, I would say that’s a good rule of thumb when playing any gross game. It’s your prerogative to lead the game, but it’s not your prerogative to make everyone miserable!!

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 10-12 Jars/Containers of Different Baby Food, Paper Plates, Pens

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Minimum of 4, but you can play with an unlimited amount of people if you have enough materials


You probably see where this game is going. To prepare, you’ll need to place a small portion of each baby food on a paper plate (going around the circle, near the edge). You will also need to make sure and either provide a list of the foods or the rinsed out containers (if you leave food in the jars, they can simply match colors) so that the participants can try to match up their guesses. Make sure to label each food with a number by writing it next to the portion of baby food served on the plate.

Once everything is set up, distribute the plates & a pen to the participants. At this point, they simply need to write their guesses on the plate itself (or another sheet of paper is you choose), next to the number that you wrote.

The best part of this game will be seeing some of the faces those playing the game, so make sure that they are up front and easy to see. Give them about 3 minutes to make their selections and then reveal the answers.


1. If you have a tie, award the prize to the person who completed their guesses first.

2. Hand out a baby doll with a diaper on it to the winner. You can even name it if you wish. Yes, I know it’s a bit strange and pretty creepy, but that’s how I roll!

3. Choose some classics, like peas & carrots, but make sure to throw in some fun ones as well. I suggest anything with prunes, apples & chicken, mac & cheese, ham & ham gravy, lasagna with meat sauce, pasta primavera or pear spinach. There are tons to choose from, so let the fun begin!

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  • i’m a little confused by the instructions. So do you set the jars up with numbers in front of them and then they write the corresponding number on the plate in by the baby food? Also i’m assuming that they taste the food? and how do you know if they are right. Does the leader have to memorize the color or what the food looks like?

    • Hi Nathan,

      Great questions! First off, yes, they need to taste the food. We were thinking that you could just write the name of the food next to the remaining spot, but that could be confusing. Write the numbers (keep a key with the answers) next to the corresponding food. From there, they can write the names of the foods on plate next to the numbers and then reveal the answers.

      We hope this helps and thanks for checking out our blog!

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