I Got You Covered (aka TP Mummy)

This week’s game is I Got You Covered. It’s a simple and fun game involving toilet paper that everyone will enjoy!

PREP TIME– None (other than a trip to the store… or your bathroom!)

ITEMS NEEDEDToilet Paper (multiple rolls)

GAME TIME– 3 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 2 (you can also play this game with larger and/or more teams)


Pick up one (or more) of those massive packs of toilet paper from your grocery store. After doing so, you can explain to your group that they are going to be charged with the task of completely covering one person from their group in TP from head to toe.

Teams will need to consist of at least two people, but if you have more, there are no rules as to how many people can be covering your “mummy” at once. Remind them that if no one is fully covered after 3 minutes, you will award the prize to the one who is most covered up in TP.

It’s a super simple and fun game to play. It’s also cheap enough for everyone to get involved, so don’t be afraid to go big with it!


1. Don’t use ultra cheap toilet paper. It rips easily, and will make the game more frustrating than it needs to be.

2. After you’re done with the game, take the remaining toilet paper and find someone’s car to TP in the parking lot! Make sure they have a good sense of humor and don’t do it if it’s raining!!

3. Have some fun music on in the background while participants are wrapping.

4. Award the winning team a blinged out toilet seat for a prize.

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