Melt It

While I know that some of the country is still experiencing frigid weather, most places are starting to see temperatures climb. That being said, you’ll notice a steady diet of outdoor games being mixed in with our indoor, up front games. Today, we are sharing a classic camp game, simply entitled, Melt It!

PREP TIME– None (other than buying the ice!)

ITEMS NEEDED– Blocks of Ice, Scale (optional)

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2+ Teams of 5 or more (you can have an almost unlimited number per team for this game)


In one of the easiest games to explain all time, teams will compete against each other to see who can melt the most ice off their block in the preset amount of time (5 minutes is suggested).

The only rule is that teams can’t break the ice into pieces. The ice must remain in one solid piece throughout the game. Other than that, teams can sit on it, rub it, breath on it, slide on it, whatever. Whoever has the smallest remaining block at the end is the winner!

It’s a great to see how teams work together and it’s always funny to watch the creative ideas that participants come up with.


1. Have an extra block or two of ice in case you break one beforehand.

2. If you are struggling to visually tell who the winner is, have a scale ready to help make the final determination.

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