If you are a connoisseur of fine television, then you’ve probably watched the Price Is Right. Okay, the fine television part might be stretching it, but I loved watching good old Bob Barker every summer weekday at 10am. I can’t say that I’ve seen it many times in the past ten years or so, but I know that one of games most popular games was PLINKO.

Believe it or not, there are sights online that will build or send you a pre-built Plinko Board. They tend to be sort of spendy, so if you need to save some money, check out this article.

We’ve also include a video of another great version.

PREP TIME– 1-3 Hours (depending how handy you are!)

ITEMS NEEDED– 3/16-inch thick or higher pegboard, sheet of wood or cork board, & 200 1/4-inch x 1 1/4-inch grooved dowel pegs, air hockey pucks, items for guessing prices

GAME TIME– 5-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 1 (if you give away small prizes, say at a carnival, you can just hand out the Plinko chips so kids can play)


Constructing the board is far and away the most difficult part. That said, the Price Is Right Plinko game is broken up into two parts.

The first part is earning the chips. Give the player one chip to begin with and then have four items that the participant must guess higher or lower on a set price that you have pre-determined. For example, buy a bag of pretzels at the store and ask the participant is the retail price of the pretzels higher or lower than $2.99. If they guess correctly, give them a Plinko chip.

In all, player can earn up to five chips. At this point, they will need to take their chips up to the top of the Plinko board so they can drop them in. You will probably need to have some sort of chair they can stand on. At that time, they drop the chips down through the pegs and wait in anticipation to see what slot their chip lands in.

They are then awarded the cumulative total of prizes from all the chips they drop.


1. If you are planning a Price Is Right night like we did, it probably means you’ll only have one person playing Plinko. In that case, make sure to have good prizes- that’s what creates the drama. You don’t have to break your bank, but get creative so the game will attract attention.

2. Use the game at a large church or outreach event. Instead of awarding large prizes, make every slot worth a small prize, like a piece of candy, a pencil or a small toy. The game itself is fun, so get some good use out of it.

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